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Join the JetPrint affiliate program today, share your unique link or coupon code, and start earning a 5% commission for every sales order you refer for the next three years. With our top-notch products and generous commissions, becoming an affiliate is your pathway to financial freedom.

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Why join the affiliate program?

450+ beautiful blank products

JetPrint allows customers to sell customized products without needing an initial investment in storage or printing equipment.

Monetization of existing audiences

You can recommend JetPrint to people interested in print on demand services or customized products, thus enhancing the possibility of conversion.

Flexibility and freedom

We offer two commission structure models, and you can switch between commission options at any time.

Tracking and analysis

We provide transparent data so you can track performance, monitor conversions, and optimize marketing efforts.

Timely payments

After the referred order is successfully paid, you will receive the commission immediately without any delay.

Dedicated support

Our team of experienced experts is here to serve you exclusively.

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Your community, our audience pool

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Marketing agencies

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Anyone looking for additional income

Making money unintentionally has never been easier.

Exploring JetPrint’s affiliate benefits

Exploring JetPrint’s affiliate benefits

5% commission for 36 months - Link


Two options: independent link or coupon code


There's no limit to your earnings


Receive monthly payments via PayPal


Independent customer service channel


Openness and transparency: referrals and commissions


There are zero registration costs and no approval is required

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for both a link and a coupon code at the same time?

No, we only allow one affiliate method at a time. You can switch between the two affiliate methods, but once you apply for another affiliate method, the original one will expire. However, we don’t recommend switching because if users find that the coupon code/link is invalid when you promote it, you may lose their trust.

Can coupon codes be used alongside product discounts?

Yes, applying a coupon code to a product that already has a discount will further reduce the price of the product.

Once the affiliate link expires, am I able to extend its validity period?

No, once the affiliate link expires, your only option is to apply for a coupon code.

How can I tell if someone else has used my coupon code?

You can check the invited list available on the alliance channel page, but it won’t show comprehensive user details as we prioritize protecting user privacy.

What is the commission structure like?

For affiliate links, you’ll receive a commission of 5% of each product cost when your referred visitors sign up and make purchases.

For coupon codes, the commission structure varies based on the discount applied:
– 1% commission with a 1% discount for users you refer.
– 3% commission with a 3% discount for users you refer.
– 5% commission with a 5% discount for users you refer.

Why could l get suspended?

Violating the Affiliate Terms of Service could lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your account. If a suspension occurs, the Affiliate Manager will notify you via email.

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