Custom Embroidery

The impact of embroidery on a brand is enormous. See your designs in a whole new light, and create unique garments with your own custom embroidery logo designs.

Custom Embroidery

Use embroidery on a variety of products

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Why use embroidery on products?



Custom logo embroidery are less susceptible to sun and wind damage than printed patterns.


The cultural history of embroidery is extensive, and the vision will be drawn to embroidery, which has a 3D effect.


The appeal of embroidery can be felt in your hand. It does not feel smooth and lifeless.

The competitive market is becoming increasingly intense as the number of global apparel brands grows. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must create a unique design for your product. At the moment, printing products dominate the market, but market demand for embroidery products is increasing. Customers love embroidered products, and they can’t resist a textured product with a brand logo.

Embroidered hoodie

Create your masterpiece with our custom embroidery


Embroidery styles we allow to create

Image and text embroidery


Text design, currently a popular embroidery trend, lends itself well to T-shirts or hoodies. Names, meaningful quotes, or custom acronyms are especially prevalent forms of expression. Adding various fonts or colors is common practice, and our embroidery technology guarantees clarity and durability.


Display your logo and illustrations in a better printing way, and the embroidery style will elevate your products to a higher level. We can transform your images into beautiful embroidery art. Whether as a gift or to display your branded merchandise, we turn ordinary products into works of art with a handmade feel.

How do I custom embroidery on products?

How do I custom embroidery on products

Step 1

Create the logo or pattern you require, as well as the color of the all custom embroidery (4 colors) . Make sure you know which product you need for embroidery online, you can select it from the JetPrint website. Most of our products support embroidery.

Step 2

Send your embroidery requirements to customer service via email or live chat, including the size of the embroidery logo, the location of the embroidery, and other details.

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Step 3

JetPrint will send you a picture after 2 days to confirm that the desired effect was achieved. During this time, you should double-check the product logo or pattern. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder carefully, your spam filter may have classified JetPrint’s email as spam.

Step 4

Once everything is ready, you can relax at home knowing that the product will be delivered to the address you specified shortly. You can also see the status of your goods in your dashboard at the same time.

Appreciation for embroidered finished products

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Black hat with embroidery
Brown hoodie with embroidery
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Embroidered animal logo
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum embroidery size?

The maximum embroidery size we can accept is 10 x 10 cm.

How do I send the documents that need to be embroidered to you?

We recommend that you send it by email to JetPrint. Email : [email protected]

How long does it take to receive custom embroidery products?

On average, it takes 10–18 business days. We fulfill your custom product in 3–7 business days, and the average shipping time is 13 business days depending on the delivery destination.

What kind of design file do I need to upload for embroidery?

We strongly recommend PNG and PDF files.

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