How It Works

Whether you are a novice or an expert,

following the steps below will help you use JetPrint print on demand service faster and more effectively.

Begin your custom product journey in 5 easy steps


1. Select

Enter the JetPrint print on demand website, where you can select from 450+ POD products. At the same time, we offer a variety of styles for various product categories in order to meet as many of your needs as possible.


2. Customize

Upload the images or materials you’ve created, and you can change the size and position of the materials at any time. It’s easier to use our Mockup Generator to view the designed products and add products to your online store.


3. Publish

After confirming the custom design, click “Submit” to proceed to the next step, where you can change the product title, description, retail price, and profit calculation. These changes will be synced to your store.JetPrint has integrated with leading E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce, so you can sell to millions of online shoppers effortlessly.


4. Sample

In order to avoid receiving an unexpected product, you can create a sample order to test the products in the “Order” page to confirm that the printing effect and final product quality are the same as you imagined. Furthermore, you can contact us to get 5% off.


5. Orders

When a new order is placed by your customer, the order data will sync to our system. It is sent to production and then shipped directly to your customers. You just need to focus on growing your brand while we take care of the rest.

Begin your print on demand journey