Custom Shoes Service

Custom shoes can only be accepted in styles that are not readily available on the market.

Custom Shoes Service

Why choose JetPrint for custom shoes

Shoes of different styles but similar series

Rich experience

We operate our own factory with 10 independent shoe production lines and boast 15 years of experience in the footwear industry. Our dedication to craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail distinguish us from other shoe manufacturers.

Fast turnaround

We understand your desire for shoes that reflect your uniqueness. From producing samples to volume production, we take pride in our ability to deliver fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of custom shoes

Detail of a side profile of a shoe

Higher profits

Since custom shoes are inspired by you, no existing shoe will be exactly like yours. This allows you to set your prices accordingly. Additionally, mass-customized shoes are of high quality, and their quality and uniqueness justify the pricing. People attracted to your shoes won’t find them elsewhere; they have to buy them from you.

A Pair of Custom Sneakers

They are entirely yours

When you choose custom shoes, you are choosing shoes that are custom-made specifically to your style, preferences, and specifications. Every aspect of the shoe is customized, from selecting the perfect design and materials to ensuring the ideal fit. This means you no longer have to settle for off-the-shelf options that don’t quite match your vision or comfort needs.

A pair of white shoes placed on a custom shoe box

More brandable

Custom shoes offer a great opportunity to enhance your brand image. Whether you want it for your store or for your group, custom shoes can be branded; you can incorporate your brand logo, colors, and designs; and you can even design the shoe box for your shoes to ensure they are absolutely unique. Stand out in a crowded market with shoes that not only look great but also tell your story.

Customize your dream shoes step by step

Customize your dream shoes step by step

Step 1

Email or use Live Chat to send 3D files or designs. We strongly advise using email because using Live Chat will result in file compression and corruption.

Step 2

Determine the details of materials, colors, sizes, quantities, packaging methods, etc. used for custom shoes. We require a minimum order quantity of 5000 pairs. Our customer service will communicate with you repeatedly during the shoe production cycle to ensure that the customized shoes are as close to your imagination as possible.

A pair of red sneakers are placed on a custom shoe box

Step 3

Once the custom shoes are confirmed, we will proceed with sample production. Please provide us with your address for shipping. Once the samples are ready, we will transport them to you. During this process, any remaining details will be finalized.

Step 4

Samples are shipped to you, and a 30% deposit is required after getting your approval. We will start production of the shoes only after receiving the advance payment, and all goods will be manufactured within one month.

Step 5

After the shoes are produced, you are required to pay the final payment (70% of the total), and simultaneously, you can select your preferred shipping method. All shipping costs must be covered by you. Once all fees are settled, we will ship your shoes to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send the documents that need to be custom shoes to you?

We recommend that you send it by email to JetPrint. Email : [email protected]

How long does it take to receive custom shoes?

Sample production time: 14-20 days.
Manufacturing of bulk products takes 25 days. It must be calculated using the ordered quantity.
Product delivery time: 10-18 days.
We make every effort to have all products delivered within one month.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 5000 pairs, and we will give you a discount if you need more.

What kind of design file do I need to upload for custom shoes?

We accept 3D files and drawings of your design.

Do I get discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! If you purchase a large quantity of custom shoes, you can save money. You can apply for a discount by contacting our customer service.

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