Custom Shoes Service

Custom shoes can only be accepted in styles that are not readily available on the market.

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What is custom shoes service from JetPrint

JetPrint custom shoes process

Alibaba may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of custom shoes. Alternatively, if your definition of JetPrint remains as a custom drop shipping company, I believe your definition of us is correct. JetPrint is well-known for its custom print on demand products. But what I need to tell you right now is that JetPrint accepts customize your own shoes orders. You have a fantastic idea, you design a shoe that is not currently available on the market, but you can’t find a supplier? Find JetPrint, we can help you bring your ideas to life.

Benefits of custom shoes

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A Pair of Custom Sneakers
A pair of white shoes placed on a custom shoe box

Superior quality

Mass-produced custom shoes online are frequently made from low-cost materials, allowing them to be sold at lower prices in order to maximize profits. This will cause the shoes to break quickly, necessitating the purchase of a new pair. You don’t have to be concerned about the quality of custom shoe materials.

They are entirely yours

Have you ever bought a fantastic new pair of shoes with the intention of wearing them to a significant event only to find that someone else already has the pair? With shoes you can buy off the shelf, there is actually a good chance that will occur. Conversely, a pair of customize shoes is entirely unique to you! Nobody else will own a pair like them, so you can be sure of that.

More brandable

Nike comes to mind when I mention the Air Force series of shoes. When you mention coconut shoes, you immediately think of Adidas. These are all unique shoes, and the current shoe market requires new shoes to add new power to the market. Authenticity is always more branded than imitation. JetPrint allows you to select the desired shoebox design.

Design your dream shoes

Email or use Live Chat to send 3D files or designs. We strongly advise using email because using Live Chat will result in file compression and corruption.

Drawing the style of shoes on the computer

Determine the details of materials, colors, sizes, quantities, etc. used for custom shoes. We require a minimum order quantity of 100 pairs. Our customer service will communicate with you repeatedly during the shoe production cycle to ensure that the customized shoes are as close to your imagination as possible.

A worker is making shoe material

We will produce a sample once the personalised shoes are confirmed. You must provide your address to receive the product. After the sample is approved, a 30% deposit is required. The goods will be manufactured within a month, and the balance is due before bulk products shipment.

A 3D image of a shoe generates three different styles of shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send the documents that need to be custom shoes to you?

We recommend that you send it by email to JetPrint. Email : [email protected]

How long does it take to receive custom shoes?

Manufacturing time: 4-7 days.
Manufacturing of bulk products takes 20 days. It must be calculated using the ordered quantity.
Product delivery time: 7-15 days.
We make every effort to have all products delivered within one month.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 100 pairs, and we will give you a discount if you need more.

Can I get product samples?

Yes, if you’re a JetPrint-registered ecommerce store owner. You can order products with a 10% discount.

What kind of design file do I need to upload for custom shoes?

We accept 3D files and drawings of your design.

Do I get discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! If you purchase a large quantity of custom shoes, you can save money. You can apply for a discount by contacting our customer service.

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