Custom Shoes with Logo

It is simple to print shoes on demand, but it is more difficult to design shoes with unique materials and logos.

A pair of green shoes and a custom shoebox

The difference between custom and printed shoe logos

a blue sneaker
a yellow sneaker

Customized logo materials and craftsmanship will make your shoes appear more three-dimensional, and when you touch them, you will feel your brand.

The printed logo is flat, and all parts are smooth.The only way to tell the difference is with your eyes. I believe that the brand gap is reflected not only in the visual.

Pick your shoes

Shoes logo adjustment

Create your brand logo and consider the number of customized shoes you want as well as the material of the logo. We support customization of all the materials available on the market for making logos.

Our custom shoes service requires a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces. You are only limited to the shoe styles we currently have, but you can check our custom shoes category  ahead of time to determine which shoes you need to customize.

Please contact customer service. You can contact us via email or Live Chat. Confirm product details such as size, logo location, and other factors with customer service.

When the logo is determined, customer service will send a picture to your mailbox; please check it carefully as it will affect the product’s delivery time. Once the product is confirmed, it is ready for production, and it will arrive at the destination address within 15 days.

The difference between custom shoes lables and custom shoes

Custom shoes logo

Custom shoes with logos

  • Custom shoes  logo is a one-of-a-kind component of the shoe.
  • Custom shoes logos are for JetPrint-owned shoe styles and can be customized anywhere on the shoe.
Customize every part of your shoe

Custom shoes

  • Custom shoes involve personalizing the entire shoe.
  • Custom shoes are made to order in any style, including ones designed by you.
  • Custom shoes are more expensive than custom logos.

Find ideas for shoes logo designs

Your company’s logo can be positioned anywhere on the shoe. Your brand logo can be placed on the shoe’s sole, heel, side, and so on. We can assist you in obtaining any position you can imagine.

Customized logo on the back of the shoe
Custom heel logo
Custom tongue logo
Customized side sole logo
Custom shoe side logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get product samples?

Yes, if you’re a JetPrint-registered ecommerce store owner. You can order products with a 10% discount.

Do I get discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! If you purchase a large quantity of custom logo shoes products, you can save money. You can apply for a discount by contacting our customer service.

How do I send the documents that need to be logo to you?

We recommend that you send it by email to JetPrint. Email : [email protected]

How long does it take to receive custom shoes with logo products?

On average, it takes 7–15 business days. We fulfill your custom product in 3–7 business days, and the average shipping time is 10 business days depending on the delivery destination.

We strongly recommend PNG and PDF files.

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