Custom Baseball

These baseballs serve as your canvas to celebrate life’s greatest moments, from weddings to retirement. We transform ordinary baseballs into extraordinary keepsakes, not intended for the ballpark, but crafted for your heart, elegantly representing your most important life events.

Custom Baseball

Choose JetPrint to customize your baseball

A baseball on a baseball glove


When you choose JetPrint to customize your baseball, you’re selecting quality craftsmanship that goes above and beyond. The surface of this baseball is made of high-quality PU leather material, and our baseballs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch, logo, and design is executed to perfection.


Our baseballs are designed from a memorabilia perspective and, therefore, are not suitable for game use. Whether it’s a team game win, a birthday, or an unforgettable graduation, our custom baseballs are the perfect way to commemorate these moments.

A baseball on the beach

Customize unique baseball gifts⚾

Want to hit a home run with your gift? Look no further! Our custom baseball gifts are perfect for surprising any baseball lover. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply expressing your love for the game, our unique baseball-themed gifts are an excellent choice.

You can customize this baseball with player names, jersey numbers, team logos, and memorable dates, making your gift as unique as the player’s signature on a game-winning ball.

Design your custom baseball today!


What are some popular baseball design ideas

Poster of a baseball player holding a baseball

Customizing baseballs with player images has become a popular trend, embodying the essence of personalization and exclusivity. This custom approach encapsulates the passion and excitement of the game, with the ball becoming a canvas painted with vivid action footage that immortalizes heart-breaking moments from the game.

These dynamic designs not only evoke the thrill of baseball but also capture the essence of team unity and pride through customizable team logos. Each design is a testament to the unwavering passion for the game and the emotional connection to a beloved team.

However, amid the artistry and creativity, the enduring elegance of simplicity remains—classic lettering. Added text, whether it’s a team member’s name or an inspirational phrase, adds a deeply personal touch to these custom baseballs.

A baseball is customized for a baseball player
A red baseball customized with text
A baseball customized with an octopus logo

How can I make my own baseballs on JetPrint

Step 1

Choose your baseball

Find the customized baseball you need among our 400+ products, or simply search for ‘baseball’ using our search box to quickly display the baseball you want.

Step 2

Design your baseball

Our user-friendly mockup generator allows you to upload a logo or custom graphics, add text, and choose colors to match your style. Please ensure that photos and text stay within the green dotted lines to prevent design cutoff during printing, and carefully check for spelling errors.

Step 3

Order a sample

We want you to feel confident about the products you offer. Order custom baseball samples to evaluate quality and workmanship, get a sense of the texture, review the printing, and make sure it meets your expectations before syncing them to your store.

Step 4

Sync to your store

Easily integrate your designs into your online store using our simple syncing process. Once synced, your customers will be able to purchase your baseballs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of baseballs do you offer?

We currently only offer one type of baseball.
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Can I track my order?

Of course, we provide shipping schedule on our website and you can track your order after it is shipped.

Are your baseballs suitable for use as game balls?

Our baseballs are not suitable for use in games as they are designed for commemorative purposes only.

Should I purchase a display box?

If you plan to display your new baseball on a shelf or desk or if you are giving it away, we recommend purchasing a display box. As a bonus, we are including a free clear acrylic box.

Design your custom baseball today!