Custom Lunch Bags

From the workplace breakroom to family outings, these personalized lunch cooler bags not only keep your food and drinks fresh but also add a touch of your unique personality, standing out from the typical lunch bags.
Custom Lunch Bags

Why custom lunch bags

A lunch bag with lots of planets on it

Environmental friendly

Our custom lunch bags are built to last, providing the convenience of a carefully designed bag that keeps your food fresh while easily accommodating your daily essentials. This enables you to reduce the use of disposable bags and contribute to environmental protection.

Unforgettable gift

Custom lunch bags make a considerate and memorable gift for friends, family, or co-workers, especially for families with students at home. Add a personal touch that they’ll appreciate.


Boost your brand awareness by customizing lunch bags with your logo or message. This subtle and continuous form of publicity is a unique way to leave a lasting impression wherever your designs go.

Types of custom lunch bags we offer

A customizable white neoprene lunch bag

Neoprene lunch bags

This lunch tote bag is crafted from high-quality neoprene fabric, ensuring durability. Its stylish design allows it to be folded flat or rolled up, providing convenience when not in use. Machine washable and easy to dry, this lunch bag is a reliable companion for everyday use. The bright colors are fade-resistant and perfect for daily activities, whether you’re heading to work, school, or a picnic.

A customizable white lunch box bag

Lunch box bag

This multifunctional insulated lunch bag is crafted from high-quality neoprene fabric, making it ideal for picnics, outdoor activities, travel, and work lunches. Its waterproof design ensures easy cleaning, and the convenient handle guarantees comfortable portability. Suitable for any occasion, this durable bag serves as a stylish and practical companion for dining out.

A customizable white waterproof lunch bag

Waterproof Lunch Bag

This lunch bag boasts a spacious interior, soft yet sturdy construction, a flat base, and lightweight polyester canvas fabric. Whether you’re strolling through a park or relaxing at the beach, its unique design enables you to wear it cross-body. Maintenance is a breeze; simply remove items, pre-treat stains, and clean with warm water and detergent. Let it dry for fresh, ready-to-use accessories!

Design your own custom lunch bags


Custom lunch bag design ideas

A pink lunch bag with a cute bear

Cute lunch bags

Incorporate cute and charming designs to infuse a playful element into your mealtimes. Who can resist the appeal of a cute bear graphic? Customize your furry friend on your lunch bag, and you’ll find it hard not to smile whenever you see it.

An adult lunch bag with "brand" on it

Adult lunch bags

Simple-style lunch bags are quite popular among adults. Design these bags with minimal patterns and text to create a unique and exquisite look. Even while walking on a busy street, no one will easily recognize it as a lunch bag.

A children's lunch bag with imaginative graphics

Kiddies lunch bags

Children are always brimming with imagination, whether they’re drawing dinosaurs on the moon or dreaming up fantastical worlds. Capture their hearts with vibrant colors and imaginative designs. They adore creatures from fairy tale realms, making this design style a surefire hit.

How to customize your lunch bag

A lunch bag with a floral pattern is placed on the lawn

Step 1: Register a JetPrint account

Sign up for a free JetPrint account to begin your customization journey. This serves as your ticket to a seamless and user-friendly experience. Typically, this process takes less than a minute.

Step 2: Choose a lunch bag

Explore our carefully curated selection of lunch bags and discover a variety of possibilities. Select the lunch bag that best fits your usage scenario.

Step 3: Add your designs

Our easy-to-use interface guarantees a hassle-free design experience, giving free rein to your imagination. You can incorporate any pattern, color, or text style, ranging from simple and modern designs to imaginative and playful patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of lunch bags do you offer?

We currently offer three types of lunch bags, including waterproof lunch bags, crossbody lunch bags, and lunch tote bags.

What materials are lunch bags made of?

Our lunch bags are made of high-quality materials such as polyester and waterproof materials to keep your food fresh and stand up to daily use.

Is the lunch bag easy to clean?

Yes, our lunch bags are designed for easy cleaning and are machine washable.

How should lunch bags be maintained?

Our lunch bags don’t come with specific care instructions. You can simply toss them in the washing machine and let them air dry in the sun. Just make sure not to leave them in a damp environment for an extended period to prevent mold growth.

Design your own custom lunch bags