Custom Magnets

Easily attract attention! Our personalized magnets offer a personal touch to any location, from refrigerators to filing cabinets. Explore our selection to create amazing magnetic experiences!
Custom magnets

Creating custom magnets with JetPrint

A woman is opening her refrigerator
A landscape about mountains and rivers

Used for collection

With our custom magnets, you can save your important memories in a unique way. Make gorgeous collections out of your favorite trip spots, family images, or memorable memories. Allow our high-quality magnets to preserve your most cherished memories.
A purple icon about a bridge

Used for decoration

With our custom magnets, you can turn any space into a personalized display case. Add a personal touch to your refrigerator, office cubicle, or other magnetic surface. Our magnets will provide life and charm to any area, whether it’s a bright landscape, a beautiful pet, or an inspirational statement.

Why choose a custom magnet?

Grandma with granddaughter doing puzzle

A well-organized life

Refrigerators are frequently utilized as a central location for essential notes, reminders, and grocery lists. Custom magnets provide practical and efficient solutions for organizing your life. Personalize your magnets with spaces for a food planner, a to-do list, or a family schedule to help you stay on top of your daily tasks.

Lasting visibility

Once placed on a refrigerator or magnetic surface, these magnets will remain visible for a long time, ensuring that your message or logo is seen by your target audience. Your unique magnets will become a continual presence due to their endurance and the regular contacts consumers have with their refrigerators, raising brand recognition and expanding opportunities for engagement.

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Design ideas for custom magnets

6 custom magnets with different family pictures

Photo magnets

Make unique and customised photo magnets to commemorate your most treasured memories. Our personalized magnets allow you to display your fondest memories, whether it’s a family photograph, a stunning vacation photo, or a cherished pet. With our high-quality magnets, you can turn your refrigerator into a gallery of joy and remembrance.

6 custom magnets with different food patterns

Food magnets

Indulge your passion for cooking while adding a touch of gourmet fun to your kitchen. Food magnets are a fun and appealing way to decorate your refrigerator or other magnetic surface, whether you’re a foodie, home chef, or restaurateur. Custom food magnets can be personalized with your favorite culinary masterpieces or classic food photos, ranging from delicious entrees and tantalizing desserts to vivid fruits and vegetables.

Text magnets

Custom text magnets allow you to express yourself by transforming any magnetic surface into a personal message board. Text magnets are a versatile and stylish way to display inspiring quotes, daily reminders, or entertaining messages. Create a word magnet that suits your chosen aesthetic and communicates your distinct style by choosing from a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes.

6 custom magnets with different text patterns

How do I create your own custom magnets?

Magnet poster with gaming elements

Select magnets from category

Choose from our various POD goods to personalize. At the moment, we only offer one sort of magnet.

Personalize with your design

Upload your design to our user-friendly design tool to unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life.

Save to your online store

Once you’ve perfected your customized magnets, make them available to your consumers via your online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get personalized magnets?

Simply visit our APP and choose magnet, then upload your design and connect it to your online store; when someone purchases, the order is synced to your account.

What materials are used to create magnets?

Our magnets are made from glass and magnets. The magnet is divided into upper and lower sections, with the upper section made of glass and the lower section made of magnet.

Is a minimum order quantity required for custom magnets?

We accept orders in various quantities. Whether you need a single custom magnet or a bulk order, we can meet your needs.

Can I customize the shape of the magnet?

No, we do not support changing the shape of the magnet. At this time, we only offer round magnets.

Get magnetic charm that sticks!