Custom Mouse Pads

Say goodbye to mundane mouse pads and hello to a world of possibilities. Our custom mouse pads collection perfectly integrates design and function, providing you with the ideal canvas on which to express yourself. Explore our collection today and personalize your workstation!

Custom Mouse Pads

Why choose a custom mouse pad?

The keyboard is placed on the mouse pad

Enhanced gaming experience

Gamer mouse pads are often preferred by gamers. These mouse pads will provide players with improved visual effects for a more fluid and comfortable gaming experience.Our mouse pad has a large size to accommodate the large movements of the mouse.

Surface defense

A personalized mouse pad guards your desktop against scratches, spills, and other damage caused by continual mouse movement. This is especially useful for costly or sensitive surfaces.

Custom mouse pad design ideas

A LED mouse pad with game scenes printed on it

Gaming mouse pads

Personalize your mouse pad with your favorite game characters or game scenes to enhance your gaming experience. Our mouse pads are intended for precision and comfort, allowing you to immerse yourself in your games and master them.

A LED mouse pad printed with with pictures of the future world

Photo mouse pads

Photo mouse pads preserve memories while also adding a personal touch to your workstation. Put your favorite images, family portraits, or pets at your fingertips. Your images will come to life with our high-resolution printing and durable material, making your mouse pad a treasured remembrance.

LED mouse pad with JetPrint logo

Custom mouse pads with your logo will help your brand stand out. Our high-quality mouse pads ensure that your business receives the attention it deserves, whether for a corporate event, promotional giveaway, or workplace use.

A LED mouse pad with<br />
cool graffiti

Cool mouse pads

Every day, enjoy beautiful paintings. Our custom mouse pads, which range from abstract art to graffiti patterns, provide a cool touch to your desk. Your desktop will become the most noticeable among many others.

Get a mouse pad that reflects your unique style!


How to create personalized mouse pads?

Making the greatest mouse pad is simpler than you think. You can have a nice mouse pad in minutes with JetPrint without breaking the bank.

Two mouse pads printed with graffiti and games respectively

Step 1

Browse our various mouse pad styles. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion or an on-the-go look, we have designs in a variety of colors and layouts.

Step 2

Select your chosen design. Upload the designs you want to use from our mockup generator and experiment with them to see how they appear.

Step 3

Make the finished printed mouse pad. You can start to provide you or your customers with a unique custom mouse pad.

Our mouse pad design promise

You can rely on us to deliver a personalized mouse pad that exceeds your expectations thanks to our design promise. Allow your imagination to go wild and enhance your workstation with a tailored approach that stimulates productivity and highlights your unique talents.

Impeccable quality

We promise high-quality personalized mouse pads that are long-lasting. Our materials are carefully chosen to ensure long-lasting performance and smooth mouse movement. Discover the extraordinary artistry that goes into each mat we make.

Endless creativity

Let your creativity run wild! Our team is committed to making your vision a reality. We provide an infinite number of customizing options, ranging from brilliant colors to complex artwork. Make a mouse pad that accurately shows your personality and sense of style.

Unparalleled satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. From start to finish, we strive to give an amazing experience. We provide swift communication, quick turnaround times, and a simple ordering process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the mouse pad made of?

Our mouse pad is made of fabric + rubber.

Can I simply order a personalized mouse pad?

Yes. Our personalized mouse pads begin with just one.

Are these mouse pads appropriate for gifting?

Certainly! You can submit a favorite photo and surprise friends, family, or coworkers with a one-of-a-kind present. Remember that the more mouse pads you buy, the cheaper the mouse pad becomes.

Can I add my company's logo to the mouse pad?

Adding your organization’s logo to a mouse pad or desk mat is an excellent method to increase branding. It might be used by you and your staff, or it can be an interesting component of your company’s marketing plan.

Get a mouse pad that reflects your unique style!