Custom Notebooks

Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, student, or professional, you can design your own custom notebook with our print-on-demand tool. Bring your ideas to life on the cover by adding your name, favorite quote, or company logo.

Custom Notebooks

How custom notebooks can transform your brand

Notebook with animal design
Notebooks are useful tools that people use daily for jotting down notes, ideas, sketches, and more.

Customizing a notebook with a brand’s logo, colors, and message turns it into a portable billboard. Whenever someone uses such a notebook in public—at a cafe, meeting, or school—they inadvertently showcase the brand to those around them.

Receiving a well-designed, customized notebook often prompts people to discuss it or share it on social media. This word-of-mouth and social proof can amplify a brand’s message beyond the original recipient.

Check our journals and notebooks

PU Leather Journal Notebook
PU Leather Journal Notebook with logo
Our notebooks feature premium PU leather that can be easily wiped clean if you accidentally spill water on the surface. This material is more durable than ordinary paper covers and offers a superior tactile experience.

This notebook is ideal for writing, sketching, journaling, and making to-do lists, ensuring your thoughts and ideas are preserved for years to come.

Top design ideas for custom notebooks

An orange notebook with a brand logo

Custom notebooks can effectively promote your brand. Incorporate your brand’s logo into a custom notebook to enhance brand recognition and make a lasting impression on customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Notebook with illustrations


Whether you opt for a hand-drawn pattern or a cartoon-style design, adding illustrations to your custom notebook will attract attention and elevate the experience of daily note-taking.

Notebook with text

Photo or text

Custom notebooks with photos or words are perfect for commemorating special events, milestones, or showcasing your portfolio, transforming ordinary stationery into a cherished keepsake.

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Why choose JetPrint for custom notebooks

Notebook promotional image

Easy to use

JetPrint simplifies the creation of custom notebooks, allowing you to design the notebook of your dreams with just a few clicks. Our intuitive interface ensures you can easily tailor a notebook to meet your needs.

No inventory

Forget the challenges of inventory management. With JetPrint, you can order custom notebooks as needed, eliminating the requirement for bulk orders and storage space. Whether you need one notebook or a thousand, we fulfill every order.

Worldwide shipping

JetPrint delivers directly to your door, no matter where you are. Whether you’re ordering for personal use or managing an international business, you can rely on JetPrint for shipping. Rest assured, your custom notebooks will arrive on time, wherever they’re needed.

How to make your own journal

A PU leather notebook with logo

Sign up for JetPrint

Sign up for JetPrint to begin your journey. The signup process is quick and free, granting you access to our intuitive interface and customization options.

Upload your designs

Easily upload your designs, whether they’re original artwork, personalized photos, or inspiring quotes. Our mockup generator accommodates various file formats, allowing you can preview your notebook in real time.

Publish and share

Once your design is perfected, it’s time to publish your custom journal. With just a few clicks, sync your notebook to your e-commerce store and share your masterpiece with friends, family, and your online community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of notebooks do you offer?

We offer one type of notebook – the PU leather notebook. This notebook is more durable than standard paper notebooks.Please check our product page periodically as we may introduce new notebook options.

Can I customize only the cover of the notebook?

Yes, you can customize both covers of the notebook, but you cannot make changes to its pages.

What materials are used for the cover and pages?

The cover is made of PU leather, and the pages are made of regular paper.

Design your custom notebook today