Custom Ornaments

Create a new tradition by decorating your tree with ornaments that tell your story. This unique practice isn’t limited to Christmas; it can also make other holidays like Halloween more special, with the tree adorned with ‘ghostly’ ornaments.
Custom Ornaments

What types of ornaments are available

Pure White Flower Wind Spinner
Pure White Skull Wind Spinner

Metal ornaments

When the wind blows, they will create a mesmerizing rotating motion, while the wind chime spinner produces a pleasant sound, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
Pure white polygonal acrylic Ornament
Pure white snowflake acrylic Ornament

Acrylic ornaments

Acrylic ornaments are made of acrylic material and have a stylish appearance with excellent light transmittance. Additionally, acrylic pendants are lightweight and shatterproof.
Pure White Ceramic Heart Ornament
Pure White Ceramic Circle Ornament

Ceramic ornaments

Ceramic ornaments are created using dye-sublimation printing technology, resulting in a glossy finish and producing unique and personalized pieces with intricate details and patterns.
Pure White Christmas Santa Stockings
4 customizable Christmas balls in different colors

Christmas ornaments

Christmas decorations are designed for celebrating the holidays, and you can style these products with classic holiday patterns like Santa Claus, snowflakes, and Christmas trees.
A person is decorating the Christmas tree with Christmas balls

Benefits of custom ornaments

Custom Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season, and you can even involve your kids in designing their own ornaments with you. These custom ornaments not only add joy to the current year’s festivities but also become cherished keepsakes your family can treasure for years to come.

Not only do custom ornaments serve as excellent Christmas decorations, but they also make wonderful personalized holiday gifts for your loved ones. Whether your friends or family are celebrating a new home, a new baby, or a wedding, consider creating a personalized Christmas gift to commemorate these important milestones and special occasions.

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Ideas for designing ornaments

Round wind spinner with Santa Claus

Custom christmas ornaments

Merry Christmas! Christmas hats, Christmas stockings, and Christmas balls are the best items to sell during the Christmas season. We offer a wide selection of Christmas decorations to help you add to the Christmas spirit with our custom Christmas decorations and make your tree truly unique.

Round wind spinner with Christmas ginger candies
Red Christmas stocking with Christmas elk elements
Tree-shaped ceramic ornaments with Christmas elements
Heart shaped ceramic ornaments with happy family

Custom photo ornaments

Photos have always been the best way to preserve precious moments. We can turn your favorite pictures into beautiful decorations. Every time you see these frozen moments, you will always be connected to those instant and heartfelt smiles.

Round acrylic ornaments with photos of friends
Heart-shaped ceramic ornaments with popular Christmas patterns
Polygonal acrylic ornaments with photos of a happy family
Acrylic ornaments printed with a cat and dog wearing a Santa hat

Custom pet ornaments

Celebrate your furry family members with our custom pet ornaments. Whether you want to honor a beloved pet, showcase your current animal companion, or commemorate a new addition to your family this year, our ornaments are designed to capture your pet’s unique personality.

Acrylic ornaments printed with a dog
Round ceramic ornaments with a cat
Christmas ball with Christmas dog

How do I create my own custom ornaments

How do I create my own custom ornaments

Step 1

We offer a range of options, from acrylic and ceramic to metal, and you can also choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to match your custom ornaments to the style and theme of your event.

How do I create my own custom ornaments

Step 2

Design your own decoration by adding elements such as your furry friends or happy moments; our ornaments are designed to perfectly showcase every detail.

How do I create my own custom ornaments

Step 3

Click ‘Submit’ to see your final design! You can make changes to your design as you like before synchronizing it to your online store. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can sync it to your online store for sale.

Why choose JetPrint?

Christmas ball icon

Various styles

JetPrint offers a variety of Christmas ornaments, from the most common to exquisite ceramic styles. Whether you want to adorn your yard year-round or commemorate a special holiday event, our diverse selection allows you to create a keepsake that reflects your personality.

high quality icon

High quality

When you choose JetPrint, you’re choosing long-lasting quality. We meticulously select materials from dozens of suppliers and use sublimation technology for printing, which is superior to UV printing.

competitive price icon

Competitive price

We provide custom ornaments at competitive prices without compromising on quality. We believe that beautiful and personalized ornaments should be affordable. Our pricing is designed to offer you the best value on the market without the stress of high costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ornaments do you offer?

Currently, we offer a variety of ornaments, including Christmas ornaments, ceramic ornaments, acrylic ornaments, and metal ornaments.

What materials are the ornaments made of?

Since we offer a range ofornaments, you can find specific material details on the product details page.

Do you offer gift wrapping or packaging options?

Currently, we do not provide packaging options for our products. All ornaments come with default packaging. If you wish to customize the packaging, please contact our customer service team and share your requirements.

What printing technology do you use?

Most of our ornaments are printed using sublimation technology. For a small number of ornaments that cannot be printed using sublimation, alternative printing methods are employed. Regardless of the method, we ensure high-quality printing.

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