Custom Pet Tags

You can create personalized and distinctive pet tags for your beloved companions now. Pet ID tags make it easy for strangers to assist in getting your dog home by providing them with instant access to your contact details.

Custom Pet Tags

Our dog tags are not just for dogs

Blue pet tag with star pattern
Purple pet tag with crown pattern
Our custom pet tags aren’t just for dogs; they’re a fashion statement for all your furry friends, from cats to rabbits and everything in between.

Whether you have a loyal Labrador, a lively Siamese, or an adorable bunny, our labels are carefully printed to reflect their personalities. These tags not only add a touch of style to your pet’s collar but also serve as a practical means of identification. With durable materials and precise printing or engraving, you can ensure your beloved pet is always safe and easily identifiable.

Why custom pet tags

A cat wearing a pet tag

Personalized identification

Make sure your beloved furry friend stands out with a custom pet tag that reflects its unique personality. Add its name, a special message, or even your contact information to personalize it. Not only does this aid in quick identification, but it also adds a touch of personality to your pet’s style.


Enhanced safety and security

Customized pet tags go beyond basic identification. If your pet goes missing, personalized information on the tag can significantly increase the chances of a safe return. Include your phone number, address, or any specific medical details to provide important information to anyone who may find your lost pet.


Durable and stylish options

Our custom pet tags are made of durable metal material to withstand the adventures of your active pet. You can design a iD tag that matches your pet’s style based on your aesthetic preferences. We allow you to add multiple colors and text.

Design your pet’s unique ID now


Design ideas for custom pet tags

A dog wears a pet ID tag with name information

Add information to pet tags

From your pet’s name to your heartfelt message, our precision-engraved text ensures your furry friend’s label is as unique as they are. Show your love for your pet by enhancing their style and safety with personalized tags.

A dog with a pet tag with a picture

Photo pet tags

Every owner wants to capture wonderful moments with their pets, so add delightful pictures to freeze the charming moments of your pet. Our high-quality printing and durable materials transform your pet’s image into wearable art.

A dog wears a pet tag with a QR code

Smart and stylish safety

Generate important information, contact details, or medical records into a QR code and customize it directly on the pet’s tag. In an emergency, anyone with a smartphone can access crucial details, ensuring a fast and accurate response.

How to customize pet tags

Pink pet tag with petals pattern

Step 1: Pick a product

Choose from our 400+ high-quality products. You can choose clothes, collars, or even shoes as a gift for your furry friend.

Step 2: Add your designs

Our free mockup generator allows you to upload an image, choose colors, and personalize text. From memorable quotes to fun graphics, the possibilities are endless. Show off your creative flair and create a pet tag that stands out.

Step 3: Publish to your store

Once you’ve created the perfect pet tag, it’s time to share it with the world. Our seamless integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy makes it easy to showcase your custom designs in your online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should you add on a custom pet tag?

Include the pet’s name and health status, along with your name and contact information.

Is a double-sided custom pet tag better than a single-sided one?

Yes, having more contact information on your pet’s tag is beneficial. While a single-sided dog name tag may seem sufficient, we recommend opting for a double-sided tag to include as much contact information as possible. Even if one side only features the name, reserve the other side for additional contact details.

Will the design on the pet tag become blurred over time?

No, the text on the pet tag is created using advanced UV printing. The pattern or text will not fade or blur due to exposure to sunlight and rain.

Can I customize my pet tag?

Absolutely, you can personalize your dog tags with various patterns and designs.

How do I attach the pet ID tag to the collar?

First, use pliers to open the pet ID tag, and then secure it to the collar using the same pliers.

Design your pet’s unique ID now