Custom Soccer Jerseys

Ignite your passion for the game and make a statement with every kick, tackle, and goal in our custom soccer jerseys. Elevate the pride you feel in your team with your creative designs.
Custom Soccer Jerseys

AOP soccer jerseys & uniforms

A white customizable AOP soccer jersey

AOP soccer jersey

AOP soccer jerseys are crafted from 100% moisture-wicking polyester for maximum breathability. Designed to perfectly complement the matching soccer shorts, this jersey boasts high-quality construction for lasting durability, available in 7 sizes to cater to players of every level. Keep cool and stay odor-free with its moisture-wicking and anti-odor features. Rule the field in both style and comfort with the AOP soccer jersey.

Design custom soccer jersey with JetPrint


Design and sell custom soccer jerseys

An athlete in a blue soccer jersey plays soccer on the field


From bold patterns to vibrant designs, you have the freedom to cover every inch of your jersey with the graphics of your choice. AOP soccer sportswear maximizes the display of your unique design.


Our custom soccer jerseys come at competitive prices. With flexible pricing options and bulk order discounts, you can achieve a unified look for your team while staying within your budget.

No minimums

Say farewell to the inconvenience of meeting minimum order requirements and relish the flexibility of ordering precisely what you need, whenever you need it. There’s no minimum, and you can effortlessly adjust to changes in team size or order additional jerseys as necessary.

Sell custom soccer jerseys with JetPrint

A man wearing a soccer jersey is watching a soccer match

Don’t fret over your design dilemma! We provide a range of popular and unique designs on the market. Our designs are brimming with fresh concepts that will ignite your imagination.

Soccer uniforms with team and player names

Team identity and unity

The most popular design method for team soccer uniforms is incorporating team logos and player names, ensuring that each player proudly represents their team in a personalized jersey. This fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie on the field, empowering players to showcase their team’s identity with pride.

Soccer uniforms in the style of famous soccer teams

Tribute to favorites

Show your support for your favorite team and its standout players with a personalized soccer jersey. Whether you’re a dedicated Barcelona, Liverpool, or Manchester United fan, proudly display your allegiance by integrating team colors, crests, and player names into your one-of-a-kind jersey design.

A soccer jersey with Chinese characteristics

National characteristics

Don the national soccer jersey that pays homage to your country and embrace the passion of the beautiful game. Whether it’s the United States National Soccer Team or the Brazilian National Soccer Jersey, a customized jersey symbolizes your country, emphasizing the rich tradition of football and instilling a sense of pride in representing it.

Custom soccer jerseys made easy

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Please verify if your size is available. Our soccer jerseys are made from lightweight and breathable material, ensuring maximum comfort during play.

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Start designing your custom soccer jersey to match your style, using our mockup generator which is perfect for beginners. Choose custom colors, text, and images to create your unique design.

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Check the design of our custom soccer jersey to ensure it meets your expectations. Feel free to share it with friends and family to gather feedback after receiving a sample.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are soccer jerseys made of?

Our custom soccer jerseys are crafted from 100% moisture-wicking polyester fabric, designed to keep you cool and comfortable during exercise.

What can I customize?

With our mockup generator, you can customize everything: design, colors, logos, numbers, and text.

Can you provide international shipping?

Yes, we can ship orders worldwide.

Can I view the designed samples or models before placing an order?

Yes, you can preview your design model in real-time using the mockup generator, and simultaneously make real-time changes to your design.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, you can receive discounts by inquiring with our customer service when placing bulk orders. The exact discount varies based on the quantity of the order.

Design custom soccer jersey with JetPrint