Custom Umbrellas

Enhance your rainy and sunny experience with an umbrella designed just for you. Our collection goes beyond the ordinary, offering you the opportunity to create an umbrella that reflects who you are. From vibrant colors to intricate patterns, our umbrellas serve as the canvas for your imagination.

Custom Umbrellas

Why custom umbrellas

A person walking on the street holding a light blue umbrella

Boosting brand awareness

Imagine your customers strolling down a bustling city street during a sudden downpour, each holding an umbrella adorned with your distinctive branding. Not only does this shield them from the rain, but it also transforms them into walking billboards, heightening your brand awareness.


Memorable corporate gifts

When you gift a customer or employee a personalized umbrella, you’re not just providing rain protection but also UV protection. Umbrellas associate your brand with practicality and care, and your customers will value this considerate gift every time it rains.


Event giveaways

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, wedding, or outdoor festival, offering custom umbrellas adds a touch of sophistication and practicality. Attendees will appreciate this considerate gesture, and your event will be well-prepared and thoughtful.

What are the different types of custom umbrellas

Folding umbrellas

Folding umbrellas

This folding travel umbrella has 8 strong fiber ribs that provide unparalleled support, ensuring the convenience of manual opening and closing. The lightweight, windproof frame features durable, flexible metal fiber ribs. Additionally, its compact design and matching storage bag make it easy to carry and store.

UV protection umbrella

UV protection umbrella

The UV-resistant umbrella boasts 8 sturdy metal ribs for strong support, a thick handle with a convenient wrist strap, and a matching storage bag. Made from lightweight yet high-quality UV-resistant and waterproof fabric, it effortlessly resists UV radiation and rain. The easy-to-use folding structure is ideal for busy lifestyles, ensuring quick and easy operation.

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Business marketing ideas for customized umbrellas

Umbrella with brand logo

Create distinctive logos prominently featured on high-quality umbrellas, transforming every rain shower into a promotional opportunity. These personalized umbrellas not only shield your customers and employees from the elements but also function as an inconspicuous advertisement for your business.

Umbrella with pictures of family members

Interesting cartoon patterns

Witness the joy on your customers’ faces as they unfurl an umbrella adorned with a whimsical cartoon mascot or vibrant pattern. These unique and visually appealing designs not only inject personality into your brand but also serve as potential conversation starters.

Yellow umbrella with funny cartoon pattern

Photos collected over time

Add a personal touch by having a photo of yourself printed on the canopy, whether it captures a happy moment or a scene from your travels. These tangible memories forge a deeper connection with the audience, turning an ordinary umbrella into a souvenir of your precious moments.

Design your custom umbrellas

Design your custom umbrellas

Step 1: Register a JetPrint account

Sign up for a JetPrint account to kick off your custom product journey. This is your entrance to a world of design possibilities. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, our platform ensures you can complete the registration process in under a minute.

Step 2: Choose an umbrella

Explore our diverse range of high-quality umbrellas to find the perfect fit for your fade-resistant canvas. Currently, we only offer foldable umbrellas and UV-resistant umbrellas, allowing you to choose the umbrella that best suits your needs.

Step 3: Apply your designs

Our mockup generator provides you with the flexibility to upload images, add text, and use colors. You can freely drag and drop your designs within our mockup generator. Preview your creation in real time before finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my umbrella?

Use a gentle detergent for spot cleaning your personalized umbrella.

How durable are your umbrellas?

Our umbrellas are made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. We prioritize the use of sturdy frames, waterproof fabrics, and reinforced construction to withstand all weather conditions and frequent use.

Do your umbrellas provide UV protection?

Yes, we offer umbrellas with UV protection. These umbrellas are designed to provide extra defense against harmful UV rays, making them ideal for sunny days and offering additional protection for your skin.

What sizes are your umbrellas available in?

Our umbrellas are only available in one size (42 inches), which can easily fit into your bag.

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