Custom Watches

Welcome to a world where time genuinely belongs to you. Our custom watches serve as a blank canvas for your imagination, allowing you to become a watchmaker. Create a watch that expresses your individuality and style, and then show it off to the world.
Custom Watches

Why choose JetPrint?

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Various styles

We offer a wide variety of styles, ranging from wooden watches to steel strap watches. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more ornate style, our team can create a watch that reflects your unique taste.

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High quality

Our custom watches are built to last. We use high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure that every watch we make is of the highest quality. Our watches not only look beautiful but are also durable, with most products supporting 3ATM waterproofing.

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No minimums

Unlike many other custom watch providers, JetPrint has no minimum order requirements. Whether you want to design a watch for yourself or place a bulk order for a special occasion or business event, we’ve got you covered.

Explore a wide variety of watch styles

A watch with a gold steel strap and gold dial
A watch with a silver steel strap and silver dial

Steel strap watches




Stylish and modern



A watch with a black leather strap and silver dial
A watch with a black leather strap and black dial

Leather strap watches


Comfortable to wear





A watch with a black leather strap and wooden dial
A watch with a brown wooden strap and wooden dial

Wooden watches


Natural and Unique




Environmentally friendly

Create custom watches with JetPrint


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Create your own watch brand

Unlike ready-made watches, custom watches have a distinctive, personal touch. When selecting or designing the dial color, you can customize the watch to match the recipient’s preferences, ensuring it reflects their unique style. The recipient is reminded of the occasion and who gifted it to them every time they look at their wrist.

When you give someone a personalized watch, you’re not just giving them a method to tell time; you’re also displaying them a lasting mark of your love and care.

Ideas for designing watches

A watch with a brand logo printed on it

Create a brand that defines you

A watch is an extension of your personality. You can design a watch that reflects your personal brand using our bespoke watch service. We make sure every aspect resonates with your business identity, whether you’re a minimalist, trendsetter, or classic enthusiast, from selecting the ideal material to personalizing your emblem.

A watch with a picture of a happy family printed on it

Utilize perfect photos

Capture beautiful moments in your life and apply them to your watch. Keep these moments forever by your side; what you’ll see isn’t just time, but also happiness. Whether it’s for personal reminiscence or marketing purposes, this watch will be brimming with emotion.

A watch printed with abstract patterns

Embrace abstract patterns, embrace individuality

Abstract patterns add an edgy touch to your watch designs. From geometric wonders to fluid forms, incorporate these patterns into your designs, and they will be exceptionally unique. You can also employ AI to generate these designs for you.

How to create your own custom watch

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Choose your favorite watch

Choose from a variety of watch styles to fit your preferences and needs. We have three kinds of straps: wooden straps, leather straps, and steel straps. Our large assortment assures that you’ll find the ideal watch to begin your branding journey with.

A black quartz watch being customized

Upload your design

Upload your own artwork, drawings, or logos to our simple mockup generator. You are free to use your imagination to personalize every detail.

A customized black quartz watch

Sell in your store

Once you’ve created your custom watch, we take care of the rest. You can opt to keep your personalized watch for yourself, gift it to a loved one, or even explore opportunities to sell it in your store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are typically used in making watches?

The choice of materials for your watch depends on the specific model you select. Currently, we offer three material options: stainless steel, leather, and wood.

Is it possible to personalize a watch strap?

Absolutely, customization of the watch strap is possible, but we do not currently support online customization for straps. Please reach out to our customer service for assistance.

Can I customize the watch box?

Certainly, we do offer customization for watch boxes. However, online customization for watch boxes is not available at the moment. Please contact our customer service for assistance. We will soon be introducing the option to customize watch boxes online.

What type of warranty or guarantee is provided with a custom watch?

Our custom watches come with a 1-year warranty.

Can I have a special message or initials engraved on the watch?

Absolutely, we can engrave special text on the back of the watch. Simply communicate your requirements to our customer service. Please note that there will be additional fees for personalization, and the specific charges will depend on the number of customized texts.

Create custom watches with JetPrint