Holiday Marketing Guide

Plan your holiday activities

3 months before the festival’s start

The reason for three months in advance:

  • People typically begin purchasing holiday products one month in advance.
  • At the same time, the product requires manufacturing time. Production to shipping time takes 15-25 days.
  • If you want to sell these products, you must advertise and inform your existing customers that the products in the store are now available online.
  • You must use your imagination to design your product, whether it is a shoe or a dress. The amount of time required for design varies from person to person, but I estimate it will take at least one week.

Product design (7 days) + product manufacturing and shipping (15-25 days) + customer pre-order (30 days) = 52-62 days
I didn’t include the time I spent planning the advertisement. So three months is the ideal period.

Choose a theme for the event

An activity’s theme is frequently its soul. The theme of the event must be determined whether it is a festival event promotion or a daily product promotion. Unexpected benefits will be provided by a well-chosen event theme. For example, since Christmas is approaching, you could design some Christmas-themed items, such as hats and socks.

Calculate the discount (to ensure profit)

The selling price should determine whether or not you still have a profit. The cost of the festival plus the cost of advertising equals the selling price. The premise of this calculation method is that when you set your price, you have reserved profit for yourself.

Marketing via Multiple Channels

Facebook and TikTok

These platforms frequently put the novelty of the video to the test. More customers will buy your product if your video is appealing enough.


When you want to advertise on Google, you must conduct keyword research and avoid using keywords that are difficult to compete for. Determine searcher intent for keywords as well. The intent of your searchers should be “transactional.” Only in this manner can your advertisement add value.


Email marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing available. This approach does not encourage the discovery of new customers. You can send emails to your customers (customers who have already purchased from your store) informing them that your store is having a holiday sale.

Email automation (add to cart/abandon)

When you run an ad, you send a series of questions, such as whether the customer added the product to the cart or did not pay. You must now develop an email flow for your store.

  • Send an email (promo code), taking note of the time you send the email. The discount should be higher than the first time. For instance, suppose your event discount is 15%. Then your email discount cannot be less than 15%.
  • It is critical to inquire as to why. Prices, payment process bugs, forgetting to pay, and other factors can all have an impact on customers.