How to Diy Gifts

Take “moon lamp” as an example

Create a JetPrint account

This appears to be a cliched step, similar to creating a personal id. Because nothing can be done until the account is created. After exporting the account, click register. We will send you a verification email with a verification code. Enter the verification code to complete the verification. Three minutes is sufficient to complete the account registration.

Select a product

1.This category is easy to find because it is in the center of the header navigation bar.

JetPrint Navigation Bar

2. As you can see, there are many categories in DIY. Select your favorite category and then select your product within that category. Do you enjoy the sensation of standing on top of a mountain? Viewing all products is also possible. Simply click “All categories.

3. After you’ve chosen a product, look for the “Design Now” and “Sync to My Shop” button on the product’s page. Don’t worry, you can double-check the gift’s size and color (no need to select, because you need to re-select the multi-attribute to confirm in the customization section. ). Some products do not have color or size options, indicating that this diy product only has one attribute. This information is easily accessible by viewing the “description” content beneath the product.

If you select “Sync to My Shop,” the product will be synced directly to your Shopify store; simply follow the system prompts or watch the Diy Guides Video. Your customers can upload text or images for synced products in your online store. Syncing to your store will save you a lot of time over designing them yourself.

I will explain “Design Now” in the following guide.

JetPrint Sync to my shop

Custom a gift

The completion of the size and color selections foreshadows the next step.

1.Upload an image. A picture determines the front of the gift. This can be a group photo of you with family or friends, or it can be a single person. It can be any photo, and if you have a cute pet, we can also customize it. There is no requirement for the size of the image. this is merely a requirement. We hope that the uploaded image is clear enough to benefit the product.

JetPrint Moon Lamp


2. Text. Enter the text that you want to be printed on the back of the gift. You can say whatever you want to the recipient. There is no more simple or profound statement than “I love you.” Too many characters will distort the final effect of the product, so please keep the characters within the specified range. Size and color It’s odd that this content appears to be mentioned only once, haven’t I finished these? Yes, your memory is exceptional. This section of the content is mentioned in “Selecting Products,” the repeated selection is to avoid the situation where the customer changes the selection and design, and I believe this is the last time it will be mentioned.

JetPrint Custom Text


3.The message and the email Leave any additional requests, such as “I need to ship quickly because Valentine’s Day is approaching.” Enter your correct email address so that we can notify you of your gift information as soon as possible. You can, of course, leave a message if you want the renderings emailed to you. JetPrint can use whatever you want to say.

JetPrint Custom Message

4.Quantity. It is recommended that you order more than one as a commemorative gift. When everyone has the same one, the emotions are difficult to separate.

JetPrint Cutsom Quantity

5.Add to cart. To proceed to the next step, click “Save to my product” or “Add to cart.”

 Add to Products

Create an Order

When we see forms to fill out, we tend to second-guess our previous decisions. Be more patient and fill in the necessary information to ensure that the gift arrives on time. It is worthwhile to devote some extra time to the gift. When you fill in different countries (the shipping fee will be displayed only after you fill in the country), there will be different shipping standards, and you can choose one of the two shipping methods (Standard Shipping or Fast Shipping).

Create an Order

Your Information

Shipping Method


Have you noticed the “Pay With Credit Card” button? When the system prompts you to complete the payment, click it, enter the credit card number, and complete the payment. Don’t be concerned about JetPrint misusing your personal information. You can check our terms and policies for more information. Following payment, your order will be displayed on the “Orders” page, where you can check the current status of the gift.


Pay with Credit Card


How do I test the effect? JetPrint does not currently support personalized gift previews, but we believe that in the near future, we will be able to see real-time renderings similar to print on demand products. At the same time, customers may be asked to send renderings during the period when the system is not upgraded (3 working days after the order is placed).

Woohoo! Thank you for reading this guide, and now let’s get started selling your homemade gifts.