How to Manage Products and Orders

When the product design is finished, all designed products will be added to the “My Products” page.

POD Products and Diy Products are separated on the “My Products” page.

JetPrint Product Page

When you select a product from the Category page, it will be displayed on the POD Products page once the design is completed.

When you select a product from the Custom Gift page, it will be displayed on the DIY Products page once the design is completed.

Manage Products

JetPrint Product Options

As you can see, the drop-down box has three options: Edit, Create an order, and Delete.
Let’s start with editing and deleting.


When we click “Edit,” we will be taken to the product’s edit page, where we can change the first image display, edit, and price. If it is changed, we have already discussed it in detail in “How to Design a Product.”

Copy Product

JetPrint Copy Product Page

You can either copy all of the products you designed or select specific products to copy. To copy, check the box and then click “Copy Product.”


This is simple; after clicking delete, the product you designed will be removed from the “My Products” page.

Manage Orders

Create an order – manually

For merchants who have not yet integrated JetPrint to their online store.

Reasons to create an order by hand
1. You have not added the JetPrint App to your store but wish to use the JetPrint service.

2. Use e-commerce platforms with which JetPrint is not integrated, such as Wix, Amazon, and others. JetPrint has successfully integrated Shopify and Woocommerce, and we are currently working on Etsy.

3. No online e-commerce is conducted by offline sellers.

Add product

JetPrint Add Product Page

Select the product to be purchased, then the exact style and size, as well as the quantity to be ordered. If you accidentally select multiple products, you can delete the ones you don’t need.

If you forgot to add other products, you can do so by clicking “add form created products.”

Enter the shipping information

JetPrint Fill in the address Page

If you are placing an order for yourself, please enter your shipping address.
Fill in the address here as your customer’s address if your customer places an order.


“*” is a required field; these details must be filled out or we will be unable to deliver.
If the address is simple and we cannot obtain the exact address, the product will be returned to the JetPrint fulfillment center.

Please include any additional information you feel is necessary, such as: I need to strengthen my packaging, etc.

Confirm order information

JetPrint Order Page

The product cannot be changed once you enter this page; however, you can select “Standard Delivery” or “Express Delivery” on this page.

  • If you discover that the address information is incorrect, click “Back” to return and return once the custom modification is complete.
  • If you discover that the purchased quantity was sent incorrectly, simply go back to the first step and click “Add products” to make changes.
  • Save for later” means to save first and then pay later. This will take you to the “Order” page, where the order is marked as “Pending.”

JetPrint Order Status

  • After you complete the prompt payment, click “Proceed to payment,” enter your credit card information, and JetPrint will handle everything for you. And You can also make batch payments on the “Orders” page.

JetPrint Payment Order Page

  • If your payment is not accepted, you will be directed to the “Orders” page, where your order will be marked as “Pending.”
  • If the order status is “Pending,” it means that the product has not been paid for and JetPrint will be unable to ship your order.

Click “here” to see your order’s various statuses

Create an order – automatic

For merchants who have integrated JetPrint into their online store.

When your store is integrated to JetPrint, when a buyer places an order in your store, the buyer’s information is synchronized to your JetPrint Dashboard, and the order is displayed as “Pending” on the “Orders” page, you only need to click to pay, and we will deliver the goods for you.

You can pay in full or in part on the “Order” page.

Confirm order information

To change the address information and shipping method, simply click on the order in question. However, you cannot alter the product information.

JetPrint Order Status

JetPrint Orders

We strongly advise using automation to create orders because it will free up your time to focus on the product.

You can easily manage your products and orders this way.