How to Sell on Etsy

1. Create an Etsy store

  • Enter the Etsy website, provide your email address to register for an Etsy account.
  • After successfully creating your Etsy account, locate your account in the menu in the upper right corner. Click on “Sell on Etsy.”
  •  Follow the step-by-step prompts to enter your information, set preferences, and customize your shop. This straightforward process will enable you to successfully start your own Etsy shop.

2. Register a JetPrint account

Visit the JetPrint registration page, enter your email and name, and activate your account. An activation email will be sent to your email, and this process can often be completed within a minute.

P.S. We offer a 48-hour trial period. After 48 hours, you must activate the email before you can use it. We strongly recommend that you activate the email immediately to avoid forgetting it.

3. Connect with Etsy

Go to your JetPrint dashboard and follow these steps to connect:
General store >> Manage My Stores >> Add Store >> Connect

You will enter the authorization page of your Etsy account, enter your Etsy account, and click “Grant access.” When you see your Etsy on your JetPrint dashboard page, the connection is successful.

JetPrint integrates with Etsy

4. Add a partner

Set up production partners

After the connection is successful, in accordance with Etsy’s policy, you need to locate “Settings” in your Etsy backend. Click on “Production Partners” and add JetPrint as your partner, ensuring it is added to your list. This step is crucial.

Follow these steps:
Settings >> Production Partners >> Add a new production partner

Add production partner information

Fill in the information as follows:
Production partner: JetPrint
Location: China
*About production partner:
Example: JetPrint makes products and fulfills orders for me.
You can also customize this as you see fit.

You have the option to hide the production partner’s name by clicking the “Hide” button. If you choose to hide it, enter a descriptive title in the input box, which will appear instead of the production partner’s name. However, we don’t recommend doing this.

*About your partnership:

Regarding your partnership, you can fill in the three options in this section based on your actual situation.

JetPrint Production Partner

5. Select and design products

We offer a selection of 400+ products for you to choose from. Simply select any product, click on the design, and once your design is complete, click the submit button. Set the main product image, product title, and description, and finally, set the price. Then, click “Publish“.


*Select up to 10 product images to sync with Etsy.
*When synchronizing products, the number of tags cannot exceed 13, and the characters for each tag cannot exceed 20 characters.
*Ensure that both “Delivery Option” and “Shipping Methods” are selected. If you don’t have a suitable delivery option for JetPrint, you can refer to step 6 to create a shipping profile.

*When listing a product, in the “Product Pricing” step of JetPrint, you can view the delivery options currently available in your store.

6. Adjust delivery options

Modify delivery options

We do not provide shipping profiles. You can view the existing shipping profiles in your store under “Delivery Options“. If you wish to recreate a shipping profile for JetPrint, please refer to the following information.

Delivert Option

Profile name* :JetPrint Delivery Option
Country of origin* :China
Origin post code* :362000
Processing time* : 5-7days
Standard delivery*: 10-20days
Shipping upgrades: 7-10days

JetPrint Shipping Profile

You can modify the delivery options, shipping country, and shipping fee in your Etsy store management. It’s important to note that modifications made here do not affect your JetPrint account. If you set your product to have free shipping, remember to add the product shipping fee charged by JetPrint to the product price to avoid unnecessary issues.

Tip: If you use a delivery option named “JetPrint Delivery Option” and make modifications, we strongly recommend updating the name after the modification to avoid confusion about the delivery option when releasing the next product.

7. Sync to your store

After publishing, the products you design will be synchronized to your Etsy shop management, and Etsy will charge you $0.2. Please note that this fee is charged by Etsy, not JetPrint. If you find that your customers can’t see the uploaded product, just wait a few minutes for it to become visible to them.