How to Sell on Shopify

Create a store

Create Shopify Store

If you already have a Shopify store, skip this step; if you are new, select the 14-day trial.

Search JetPrint

Search JetPrint APP

  1. Search for “JetPrint” in the Shopify Apps Store;You can also search for “JetPrint” in your Shopify store.

Add to JetPrint Install JetPrint

2. When you locate JetPrint in the Shopify app store, click “Add app” and then “Install app.” After that, your Shopify store will be successfully linked to JetPrint.


Login JetPrint

  1. Create an account and receive a verification code; if you are a new user, please complete the registration form; if you already have an account with JetPrint, simply click “Login.”

Connect Your Store

2. After completing the registration process, connect your Shopify store in JetPrint’s dashboard. Linking multiple Shopify stores is possible.

Product sales

The choice of products

Pick Products

We strongly recommend that you choose clothing-related products based on the characteristics of your store, for example, if you are a clothing store, so that you can retain customers and build a brand. In “Catalog” and “Custom gift,” you can select the product you want. It’s worth noting that “Custom gift” allows for personalized customization, which is not available with Print on Demad products. If you want to learn more about how “Custom gifts” work, go to “How to diy gifts.”

Create products Designing products is simple

If you do not know how to use JetPrint to design products, you can refer to “How to design products” to quickly master the skills, or you can ask customers for assistance.


When a customer places an order in your store, the order is synced to the JetPrint fulfillment center automatically. As a reminder, you must bind your credit card before the product can be shipped. If you have not yet linked your credit card, you can place an order manually, which sounds inconvenient. Before JetPrint can deliver the goods to your customers, you must complete the payment. If you received the order, please pay for it in JetPrint as soon as possible. We never steal or sell your personal information. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we will fulfill our obligations and responsibilities.

Thank you for selecting JetPrint to help you grow your e-commerce business.