Order Status Guide

Most Common & Other Order Statuses In JetPrint

Most common order statuses


Orders that have a “Pending” status have not yet been paid in JetPrint Fulfillment. You can choose to Automatically/Manually purchase them with PayPal / Credit Cards.


Orders will update to “Confirmed” status after being paid.

In production

All the “Confirmed” status orders will be automatically processed to manufacturing, then status updates to “In Production”.

Partially Fulfilled

If you have a multi-item order, and some items have been shipped, but not all of the items in this order, then the order has a “Partially Fulfilled” status.


After all the items in an order being shipped, it’ll update to “Fulfilled” status.

Other order statuses

On Hold

If there is a problem with the shipping address of an order, for example, the address isn’t valid or the country isn’t supported, then the fulfillment of the order is placed on hold. You can view the orders with fulfillments on hold, cancel the fulfillments that are on hold, or release the hold on any fulfillment.


The orders which have been cancelled before Production.


When the Shopify system flags an order as high risk, it means that one or more key attributes that they looked for didn’t match up, such as the bank/credit card account for your customers. When this happens we typically would suggest that you refund and cancel the order as there is a high risk of the order getting a chargeback.

Note: You can also continue to process, only after confirming with your clients again.