Are Cotton T-shirts Appropriate for All-over-Print

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All over print cotton t-shirts have become popular in recent years due to their unique designs and bright colors. But why do so few print-on-demand suppliers offer all-over-print cotton T-shirts? However, before purchasing an all over print cotton T-shirt, you should consider whether it is appropriate for you.

What is an all over print cotton T-shirt?

An all over print cotton t-shirt is one with a design or pattern that covers the entire shirt without limiting the design’s area. This cotton t-shirt is well-liked for its softness, breathability, and durability.

A female model wears an AOP cotton t-shirt

Cotton tees with all over print are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. Some designs may include images, logos, slogans, or abstract motifs, and they can be tailored to the wearer’s tastes or to promote a specific brand or message.

Pros and cons of cotton t-shirts

Cotton t-shirts are popular among people of all ages and genders. They are versatile, comfortable, and simple to maintain. Cotton t-shirts, like any other material, have advantages and disadvantages.

A worker is picking cotton


  • Cotton is a soft and breathable fabric that allows air to freely circulate and move through it. As a result, the cotton tee feels soft and light against the skin.
  • Due to cotton fibers are long and flexible. This allows the T-shirt to be washed and worn repeatedly without losing shape or discoloration. Cotton is also less likely to pill or fray than other fabrics.
  • Cotton fibers have a high level of porosity. Cotton T-shirts can absorb and hold a lot of moisture without becoming soggy or heavy as a result. Cotton T-shirts are therefore ideal for outdoor activities and working out because they wick sweat and moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer dry.
  • Cotton is hypoallergenic because it is a natural fiber that contains no synthetic or chemical additives. As a result, it is less likely than synthetic fabrics to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.


When cotton fibers are exposed to heat or moisture, they naturally shrink. Cotton t-shirts shrink easily if not properly washed and dried. Cotton t-shirts should be washed in cold water, tumble dried on low heat, or air dried. This is an effective shrinkage solution.

Cotton fabrics wrinkle naturally due to their natural structure. Cotton t-shirts may wrinkle when washed, resulting in wrinkles. Although ironing or steaming the shirt can remove the wrinkles, it can also cause the print to look uneven or even damaged.

Cotton fabric is extremely absorbent, so cotton T-shirts can easily absorb liquids such as sweat, oil, and food stains. These stains are difficult to completely remove, and if left untreated, they can cause discoloration or fabric damage.

Due to repeated washing and exposure to sunlight, graphics printed on cotton t-shirts will fade and crack over time. Cotton t-shirt dyes may not be able to withstand the elements, causing the print to fade or crack. You should wash the lining and avoid drying printed cotton t-shirts in direct sunlight.

Are cotton t-shirts suitable for all over print?

Cotton T-shirts can accommodate full-page printing, but the effect and quality of printing may vary depending on a variety of factors.

Printing technology

  • Screen printing: While screen printing is effective for cotton t-shirt printing, it may not be the most efficient or cost-effective option. Screen printing entails creating a design template and applying ink to fabric via a mesh screen. This can be a time-consuming process that may necessitate multiple passes to cover the entire surface of the T-shirt, especially if the design is complex or contains multiple colors.

Worker is using screen printing on t-shirts

  • Digital printing Digital printing is a great option for producing allover cotton T-shirts, especially if the design includes multiple colors or intricate details. The design is applied directly to the fabric using a specialized inkjet printer in this type of printing. This technique yields high-quality, detailed cotton tees in a wide range of colors and shades.
  • Dye sublimation printing: Dye sublimation printing is not suitable for fully printed cotton t-shirts; generally, at least 65% polyester is required to be sublimated; best results are obtained when using white polyester t-shirts. Cotton does not contain the fibers that sublimation ink can bind to, so the ink cannot easily adhere to the cotton cloth. Even today, sublimation transfer papers for cotton are available, but the end result is unsatisfactory.

Dye sublimation printing

However, the majority of print-on-demand providers currently use sublimation printing for full-color clothing printing. Cotton t-shirts are therefore rarely available from print-on-demand vendors.

Thickness and texture of cotton fabric

  • Thicker cotton fabrics may absorb more ink, affecting the color vibrancy and clarity of your designs. On thicker fabrics, ink may bleed or spread more, resulting in less clear prints.
  • Textured cotton fabrics, especially if the grain is deep or irregular, can make designs appear less crisp and defined. A smoother fabric allows the ink to rest more evenly on the fabric’s surface, resulting in sharper, more vibrant prints.
  • Cotton fabrics with more stretch may be more difficult to print because they may shift or shift during the printing process. As a result, designs may become distorted or uneven.
  • Thicker cotton fabrics may have less drape or flow than thinner fabrics, affecting how the design appears on the garment. Stiff fabrics may also not conform to the body, making the print appear less flattering.


To summarize, cotton T-shirts can be printed all over, but the effect will vary depending on the printing technique used, as well as the fabric’s thickness and texture. If you are looking for all over print cotton t-shirts, you can contact JetPrint customer service. If you are unable to find the appropriate Full Printed Cotton T-shirts on our product page, you can also send us a product request.

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