Best DIY Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Shop

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Marketing Tips

Halloween 2022 is approaching. Let us all shout out “Trick or Treat!” together. Cool, going to the neighbor’s house and asking for candy is a blessing.

1.Halloween fervor

In 2021, Americans will spend an all-time high of approximately $10.14 billion on the spooky Halloween holiday. I believe that this figure will not fall in 2022, even if people’s consumption in the United States is lower than in the past. However, I do not believe they will reduce consumption during festival celebrations because festival consumption is not like sleeping every day.

According to Google Trends, the popularity of Halloween will reach a relatively high level on September 20, indicating that people are paying attention to this matter.


2.How should we get ready for Halloween?

As we mentioned in the first part, the popularity of Halloween will continue to rise on September 20th, and this search popularity will continue on Halloween. Often, planning ahead of time will help you make more money faster.(1). Prepare your products. Costumes, decorations, and greeting cards are the most popular items on Halloween. You can select a product that you believe will sell well in your store. Halloween shoes, in my opinion, would be a good choice.


(2). Be ready to design. Halloween products are all the same; if you want your product to stand out from the crowd, you must design it right away, because the process of product design, product production, and product shipping is a lengthy one. (When you read my article, I assumed it was time for you to begin.) We will provide our Halloween 2022 interface designs for your review.

2 Halloween shoes and 4 Halloween costumes

(3). Choose a product maker. Any maker will be busy during Halloween, and as I previously stated, planning ahead of time will make you more money than anyone else. If you have planned ahead of time, congratulations; you do not need to be concerned about the problem of no one making the product. If you’re short on time, you can go with a company that offers custom print on demand, and they frequently provide quick drop ship service.

(4). Inform customers. After resolving the product issue, you must inform customers that your store carries the Halloween items they require. To promote your products, you can use Facebook ads, Google ads, or emails. The most important point is that your Halloween products must be discounted to customers, and I don’t think anyone would refuse a discounted Halloween product.

3.Product promotion for Halloween

Limited-time discounts are coming.

The Halloween theme is “Purple + Orange,” and the event runs from September 20 to October 31 .

JetPrint to alleviate everyone’s concerns about the product. We recently developed a marketing strategy for some of our products. On September 20, we will send a marketing email to our customers. Don’t be concerned if you don’t receive your Halloween mail. Because our emails are sent to our existing customers, if you want to become a JetPrint customer, join us and select “Register” to enjoy the benefits we offer.”Don’t be sad because you missed the sunset because you were looking down; there will be a moon at night.”Halloween is only the beginning; we will also have Thanksgiving and Christmas events in the future.If you miss Halloween this year, you can always wait until Thanksgiving.

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