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by | Sep 20, 2022 | Product News

What exactly is a greeting card?

A greeting card is a piece of emotional card stock, usually with illustrations or photos (often brightly colored), made of high-quality paper, and intended to express feelings for friends and family. Greeting cards can be sent not only on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays (such as Halloween), but also to express gratitude or other feelings (like when you visited your friends in the hospital).

How can greeting cards benefit a company’s business?

  1. It increases your emotional reactivity. Royal Mail has even conducted a scientific study to compare the experience of receiving a card versus receiving an online message. Receiving a handwritten note or card had a greater emotional impact and made people feel more special and cared for than receiving an email or text message, according to this study. Emails are unlikely to elicit the same emotional response.
  1. Highlight your brand. There is less and less room for non-brand merchants to survive these days, and more and more merchants stand out. They all want to create their own brands, and they recognize that branding will become more prevalent in the future. And greeting cards elevate your brand’s professionalism. As a customer, you can imagine that if you receive the same item at the same time, the product with and without the greeting card will evoke different emotions in you. Greeting Cards will strengthen your sense of identity with this product and improve your recognition of the business. Brand recognition.
  1. Increase customer favorability and repurchase rate. Consider receiving a product with a Halloween image on it on Halloween. As a customer, you will be pleasantly surprised and eagerly anticipate the type of greeting card you will receive on the next holiday. In this way, the greeting card will evolve into a commodity, even if it is only a bonus, but people have feelings and prefer more than less.
  1. Boost sales. I’m sure you’ll take point 4 for granted if you’ve read my first three points carefully. When your store is evolving into a brand store, you must also pay attention to emotional communication with customers. I don’t believe you will fail. It is worth noting that the store discount code can be printed on the greeting card to entice customers to place a second order.


How to customize greeting cards?

  1. Create a greeting card. We’re sorry, but we don’t offer greeting card online customization on our website because it’s too complicated for us. This, however, has no bearing on your enthusiastic inquiry. You can design your greeting card ahead of time; we currently accept the most common greeting cards, and you can change the pattern or text as needed.
  1. Make a mental note of the order position. When we design a product and place an order, there is frequently a remarks box in the product’s payment interface where you can tell us that your product requires a greeting card. If you forget to leave a note, you can contact us (Help Center or Live Chat) before the item is marked as shipped. If your product is marked as shipped, we cannot recall the package to re-add the greeting card.
  1. At the moment, we only support custom one-piece orders. If you want to make a large batch of custom greeting cards (we only accept orders of 500 cards or more), please contact us (Help Center or Live Chat). At the same time, you can choose to ship your large batch of greeting cards with your products, or you can ship them separately.

    I am interested in the knot bracelet with charm and wanted to know if i can attach a greeting card in the box ? If i customize it myself will the card for the bracelet be placed in the box with the bracelet

    • Wave

      We currently support this feature, but it is only available to Shopify users and is open to some users. You can contact our customer support for assistance in using this feature.

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