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by | Sep 28, 2022 | Product News

Have you ever wondered how much water you should drink each day? Under normal conditions, the human body excretes approximately 1500 ml of urine per day, plus water evaporated from feces, breathing, or the skin, for a total water consumption of approximately 2500 ml, and the human body can consume approximately 2500 ml of water per day. Because only about 1000 ml of water is added to the body’s metabolism, normal people should drink at least 1500 ml of water per day, which is about 8 cups. Our normal body metabolism can be maintained in this manner.

This is just under normal circumstances,when you exercise, you will consume significantly more water than you would normally. The rate of water metabolism is accelerated during exercise, and a large amount of water is lost. As a result, water should be replenished every 15-20 minutes, with 0.5-1 cup (120-230 ml) consumed each time. However, if it is summer, the weather is hot, and consumption is high, the frequency of water replenishment should be increased accordingly.

If water is an essential component of the human body, then the water bottle is an essential component of human life. A sport water bottle is an essential companion when working out at the gym, fishing at the lake, or biking on the road. If you do not drink water while exercising, you may experience dizziness due to a lack of water, which can have a serious impact on your life and necessitate hospitalization.

What is a sports water bottle

Plastic water bottles are being phased out due to pollution and heat resistance. Reusable water bottles will be popular in supermarkets. A sports water bottle is a water bottle that is specifically designed for athletes. Despite the fact that they all have the function of filling water, the sports cap water bottle
has a distinct design. For example, the bottle body conforms to the degree of bending of the fingers, ensuring that it does not slip off completely. It may have a smaller mouth that is easily contained while drinking.

600ml stainless steel sports bottle

White stainless steel water bottle with 'jetprint' logo
White stainless steel sports water bottle is marked with custom range
White Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle

Repairable Material


Dual-Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology


Any Pattern Can Be Customized




Custom Water Bottle

Sports water bottles have several advantages over other types of water bottles

Simple to transport

Sports bottles are typically cleverly designed to be carried while exercising.

Environmental safeguards.

If you need to drink three bottles of water during a workout, you’re wasting your time. You use a sports bottle, which can be used indefinitely without polluting the environment. Unless, of course, you break it or want to replace it.


This is something bottled water cannot do. Water bottles for sports are typically made of stainless steel, which retains heat well. Even in the dead of winter, drinking warm water will make you feel better.

 it’s simple to drink

Sports bottles are typically designed with a small bottle mouth to minimize water waste while still allowing you to enjoy the pleasure.

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