The Beginner’s Guide to Etsy SEO

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Etsy serves as a haven for creators and crafters, providing a distinctive marketplace where sellers can present their handmade treasures to a global audience. In a sea of products, how can consumers swiftly find your product and make a purchase on Etsy? Beyond Etsy ads, the answer lies in Etsy SEO. This article aims to guide you in analyzing the Etsy SEO article provided by Etsy, extracting crucial information to support your business growth.

What is Etsy SEO?

Etsy keyword search

Etsy SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy employed by sellers to enhance the visibility of their product listings on the Etsy platform. The objective of Etsy SEO is to boost the discoverability of your products when potential buyers search for specific keywords or phrases.

If you’re familiar with Google SEO, grasping Etsy SEO will come naturally to you.

Etsy SEO: Factors for marketing rankings


Etsy Product Title

Crafting a compelling title constitutes the initial step in optimizing your Etsy listing. The title not only describes your product but also incorporates keywords that potential buyers might use in their search. It’s advisable to keep the title within 100 characters, with the most important keywords placed on the far left, aligning with Etsy’s information crawling principle.

Product title requirements from Etsy

It’s important to note that the phrase used in the title doesn’t impact the ranking of the listing. You have the flexibility to use punctuation and symbols to separate phrases, a practice observed among many Etsy sellers.


Example product title

Original: Men’s high-top canvas shoes (Top 1%)
Updated: Men’s High Top Black Sole Canvas Shoes with Gold Animal Print

The updated title encompasses various features of the shoe, enhancing the likelihood of consumers finding your product quickly.


Etsy Product Tags

Adhering to Etsy’s rules, you are allowed 13 tags, each with no more than 20 characters.

Tags function as the magic behind the scenes for Etsy SEO, serving as keywords or phrases that offer additional context for your product. Although customers don’t see these tags, they play a crucial role in search results.

When selecting tags, consider synonyms and regional phrases. For example, if your target market is the United States or the United Kingdom, where rugby is described differently, include both “rugby ball” and “football” as tags. However, if your target market includes France and the United States, stick to keywords consistent with the title language.

Here are some tips for optimizing your tags:

  • Avoid adding keywords that don’t genuinely relate to your product.
  • Do not reuse the same keywords across tags.
  • Skip adding both singular and plural forms of keywords simultaneously.
  • Avoid using misspelled words in your tags.
  • Opt for descriptive tags, such as “striped coffee mug” or “gift for girlfriend.”
  • It’s recommended to fill in all available tags to maximize visibility.

Title: Men’s high-top canvas shoes, men’s high-top shoes, black canvas sneakers, black high-top sneakers, men’s black sneakers, men’s black sneakers.
Tags: canvas shoes for men, high top shoes, black canvas shoes, canvas shoes, men’s canvas shoes, men’s sneakers, sneakers for men, men’s black sneakers, gifts for husband, gifts for boyfriend, shoes for men, casual shoes for men, men casual sneakers

Product category

Etsy product categories

Categories on Etsy function similarly to tags, and it’s crucial to add the most specific options applicable to the item you’re listing. Opting for more specific categories enhances your chances of matching relevant searches.

The category you select determines where your products will appear in search results. Opting for the most relevant categories increases the likelihood of your products being discovered by potential customers searching for similar items.

Etsy marketplace product categories

In the Etsy marketplace, you have the option to choose product categories. Many customers approach Etsy with a shopping-mall mentality, often browsing through categories they are interested in. Therefore, selecting the right category is vital for ensuring your products are visible to potential customers.

Product attributes

Although Etsy designates product attributes like color, scene, material, size, etc., as optional, it is highly recommended to include them. Detailed product attributes contribute depth to your listing and can significantly impact discoverability.


If buyers are accustomed to searching for a “cotton men’s dark gray T-shirt,” your product title might include “men’s dark gray T-shirt.” However, if you compete with star stores that have numerous reviews, your product might not stand out. By adding attributes like “cotton” as the material and “gray” as the primary color, you enhance the likelihood of your product being discovered. Shoppers searching for specific attributes are more likely to find your product, increasing your competitiveness on the platform.

Listing quality

Etsy Search assesses your shop’s past listing popularity, considering factors like clicks, favorites, and purchases to determine your quality score.

To optimize for clicks:

  • Ensure an appealing first picture.
  • Craft a compelling product title.
  • Maintain a competitive price, comparable to peers.
  • Offer discounts strategically.
  • Manage product reviews, as occasional negative reviews may minimally affect your rankings.

For improved purchase rates (with a 1% to 5% average conversion rate):

  • Provide free shipping.
  • Optimize your product description.
  • Delivery times.
  • Enhance product detail pictures, allowing users to examine the material of the product itself.

Indirect factors

Customer service

Providing excellent customer service can lead to positive product reviews, and adeptly addressing negative feedback can showcase professionalism, boost customer confidence, and enhance the overall quality score.

Timely responses to inquiries and effective communication contribute to the improvement of your store’s overall performance, thereby positively impacting its search rankings.

Google SEO

Etsy product descriptions in Google search

While we previously mentioned that product descriptions have minimal impact on Etsy SEO, it’s important to clarify that there is no conflict with the influence of Google SEO on Etsy SEO. Completing the description does impact your product’s visibility on Etsy. Typically, Google automatically extracts the initial 120 characters of the description, aiding users searching for your product on Google in discovering it.

Misunderstandings about Etsy SEO

  • “The store name and description should be strategically set with keywords related to the products being sold.” Contrary to a common misconception, the store name is more suitable for Google SEO. In the product description, Etsy emphasizes that customers typically only read the first few lines, and there’s no mention that the description significantly impacts shoppers’ searches.

Etsy product descriptions

  • The statement “A product’s description has a huge impact on listing score” is also inaccurate. For product listings, it is sufficient to provide essential information about the product. Avoid writing extensive product descriptions since customers are unlikely to pay attention to them. I have outlined all the factors influencing the quality of product listings in the previous question.


This serves as a brief guide for Etsy SEO beginners, summarizing insights extracted from Etsy. By applying our Etsy SEO tips, your shop can gradually accumulate free clicks over the long term, leading to increased sales. Similar to Google SEO, Etsy SEO necessitates ongoing optimization.

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