Factors that Affect the Cost of Print on Demand Mugs

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One of the most popular products that can be produced using a digital printer is print on demand mugs. They’re cheap to make and don’t require any tooling or setup fees, so you can make as many as you need. You can also personalize them by adding your own artwork and text to the mug before it is printed. The most important factor influencing the cost of print on demand muts is quantity; however, there are several other factors that influence their price:


Comparison between mugs with different quantities

The size of the mug is another factor that influences the cost of print on demand mugs. It may differ from what you believe; do you believe that the larger the mug, the more material it requires, and thus the higher the price? That is not entirely correct. If you use a mug that is smaller than 12 ounces, you will incur some additional production costs. Smaller mugs have less space to decorate and may take longer to produce, so they are more expensive than larger mugs. Of course, if you require a larger mug than 12 ounces, the price will be higher. 12 ounces is a tipping point for print on demand mugs, and anything larger or smaller will be more expensive.


Four different colored cups

Another factor that can significantly affect the price of your mug is its color. The more colors you use, the higher the cost of your mug. This is due to the additional ink and time required to print each additional color on a mug. So, if you want a full-color image, it will cost slightly more than a black-and-white version.

However, some colors are less expensive than others: reds, oranges, and yellows require less ink than blues or purples. If you want something with personality and flair that is also reasonably priced, try experimenting with different shades of red—they are frequently much less expensive than other colors but can still add enough vibrancy without breaking the bank!her factor that influences the cost of print on demand mugs is the size of the mug. If you choose to use cups that are smaller than 12 ounces, there will be some additional costs associated with their production. Smaller cups have less room for decoration and may necessitate more time from the manufacturer, making them more expensive than larger sizes.


Three different shapes of cups

The shape of your mug can have a significant impact on the price. A standard mug, which costs about $5 per unit, is the most popular shape. A round mug, on the other hand, costs $8 per unit, and an octagonal mug costs $12 per unit. A square mug is far less expensive at only $3 per unit, but it does not have the same aesthetic as the other shapes (which are all fairly similar in size).

White or a colour inside

Four different internal colors of the cup

Printing in white is the least expensive option. Colors on the inside of the mug are more expensive than colors on the outside. 4-6 colors will typically cost more than a white mug. The more colors you use, the more expensive your project will be.

Colors can be printed on either side of your mug, but doing so will significantly increase costs due to the additional time and equipment requirements that must be considered when printing mugs on a large scale.

Finish (matt, gloss, etc)

Two different surface cups

The price is affected by the mug’s finish, which can be matte or glossy. A matt finish is generally less expensive than a gloss finish. This means that if you order your print on demand mug in a single color without any additional features like foil printing or glitter accents, you can expect to pay less. If you want some extra features like foil printing or glitter accents, your cost per mug will go up because these are more expensive options to offer at Online Printing.


Comparison between mugs with different quantities

The quantity you order will directly affect the price of your print on demand mugs. The more you buy, the less expensive each item becomes. For example, if a supplier charges $3 per mug and you order 100, the job will cost $300. If you order 1000 mugs at once, they will only charge you $900 for the project – a savings of 70%!

While there is no hard and fast rule regarding how many units constitute an acceptable minimum purchase quantity (MOPQ), some suppliers may require as few as 20 pieces, while others may require larger minimums depending on their workflow and production capabilities.JetPrint has its own factory and can accommodate any order quantity, even if you only need to print one mug.


  • Ceramic
  • Stoneware
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass
  • Plastic

Five cups of different materials

Ceramic mugs are the best of the many materials used in mugs. Ceramic mugs are great because they are very comfortable to hold in your hands and transfer the heat from your drink to your hands, warming them up. This is particularly true when it comes to pouring hot coffee into a ceramic mug. If you’re wondering what material to use for your mugs, ceramic is unquestionably the best option; it’s inexpensive and of the highest quality. Plastic mugs are the cheapest, and I do not recommend using them.


We hope you found this article helpful and that it helped you better understand the cost of print on demand mugs. It’s important to remember that the price of each mug is determined by a variety of factors.

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