Frequently Asked Questions

Answers & Suggestions From the JetPrint.

Product & Price

Are the watches waterproof? / What’s the meaning of 3 ATM water-resistance?

Yes. Water resistant is a common mark which usually stamped on the case back or the dial of the watch, to indicate how well the watch is sealed against the ingress of water. Most of our watches are with 3 ATM water-resistance (except for Hot-sale Black Double-Layer Quartz Watch). it actually means the splash resistant, which is ok for rain, hand washing, other occasional contact with water. But it does NOT mean you can take it 30 meters below water. Click here to learn more about the difference between Water-resistance of your watches.

Do you support customized outer packaging? I'd like to customize the outer packaging for my customized product.

We only offer custom branding services and are currently testing custom packaging.

Does the base cost contain the shipping cost?

No. After the new version platform launched, we set lower base costs and the different first&additional shipping fees for different countries, helping you set a more reasonable sale price for most of your customers or set different shipping rates to the customer groups in different countries. The shipping costs are separately calculated.

How much will it cost to start-up my own print on demand shoes & Watches brand with JetPrint Fulfillment?

JetPrint Fulfillment is 100% FREE for all the Shopify retailers and artists who want to build up their own custom watch/shoe brand. Click here to download our app and check all the base costs of our current premium products(Watches, Shoes, AOP Clothes, Home Decor).

How to buy in bulk and whether you can get a better deal?

Please contact our customer service([email protected]) if you want to buy our products in bulk. Customers who purchase large quantities of our products will benefit from lower prices.

How to publish product to my store?

You need to log in to your Shopify backstage, enter our app, then you’ll be able to publish your customized products.

How to copy products?

Have you connected your Shopify store to our app yet? If so, you can copy the products from your General Account to your Shopify account


What does the "Compare at price" means? / How to remove the Compare at price?

For example, $166.99 is the compare at price and $124.99 is the sale price. “Compare At Price” simply means the price it would originally sell for. So if you’re selling it for $25 on sale, and it’s typically $30, you would put the $30 as the “Compare At Price”. The “Compare At Price” always has to be higher than the actual price you’re selling for, or else it won’t show.
Compare Prices

Compare Prices

What kind of Printing Methods do you support?

We support DTG Printing, Screen Printing, Sublimation and Heat Transfer manufacture and printing.

Which movement & Glass & battery are the watches using, and how long do they last at least?

We’re using a high-density mineral glass covering, 3 kinds of high-quality movements, Citizen 2035, Miyota 2035 for most of our watches, and Chinese Liaocheng mechanical movement for our new Genuine Leather Strap Water-resistant Automatic Watch. And the battery of normal quartz watches is SONY 377 SR626SW (1.55V), it’s easy to replace at any jeweler. The Warranty of the product guaranteed is 1 year, including the product quality and normal internal work.

Why are the prices on the waybill from customs so low / different from the base cost at app?

Normally, to avoid the parcels being charged additional tax or duty for your customer, the prices we submit to custom are lower than the base costs you see at our app.

When my customers purchased new orders, how does JetPrint Fulfillment charge and process?

After your customers set orders, the order will automatically be synced to JetPrint Fulfillment System and stay at Pending status., then you can choose to Manually or Automatically pay the base cost. Once we receive your payment, the order status will change to Confirmed first, then change to In Production. After your custom parcels being shipped out, we will update the tracking number to Shopify and fulfill your order, and order status changes to Fulfilled.

Note: Click to check the most common order statuses.

Samples & Discounts

Is there a discount for a sample?/How to get discount for my sample order?

Yes. We offer 5% off on the base cost for your first sample order at JetPrint Fulfillment. To get the 5% discount, just contact our customer service team to update the discount before purchasing.

How to set sample order?

You can manually create sample orders at:


How-to-set-sample-orde, then pay for fulfillment

Payment Support

How secure is my payment?

Your privacy and security are our top priorities. We accept both Credit Cards and PayPal, an extremely secure and highly encrypted system designed to protect customers and hold merchants accountable.

How to pay for fulfillment? / Could I manually set orders?

Normally, Your orders will be automatically synced to our system, then you need to manually/ automatically pay the base cost & shipping cost for fulfillment.

To manually fulfill the order, you just need to enter the orders page in our app and choose the orders to pay:

And here’s the place to set up the automatic payment for fulfillment:





Which kinds of payment methods do you support?

We support PayPal, VISA, Master Card and other Credit Cards. Meanwhile, you can bind Credit cards to our app, then it’ll automatically charge the base costs of your new orders after the time limit you set at the app, which is widely accepted and used by our clients, saving your time and strength to process payment in person.

Designs & Files Guidance

How to delete uploaded files/pictures?

To delete your uploaded pictures, just kindly select here:

Then you’ll be able to click the file and choose to delete it:





Is there any design templates? How could I get the design templates?

Yes sure, you can download the PSD template in the customization page. Like this:


How could I order the Rage-print clothing with difference designs on the front and back?

For some clothing in the Rage-print AOP clothing series, we set them for clients to use only 1 picture to customize the AOP clothing series, the system will automatically generate the picture in the front and back simultaneously. Currently if you wanna order the clothing with difference designs on the front and back, you may have to create 2 products with difference designs, and manually replace back display picture, when you have new orders on this product, you just need to notify us with order number and correct back design, we’ll manually arrange correct production for you. We’re also updating this product series to allow our clients to design the front and back separately, we will realize it in the following new version.

What’s the difference between the Blue circle and Green Circle of the template?

Blue Circle is the Safe Line to keep the most important area/content of the design within this line to ensure it won’t be cut off during manufacturing.

Green Circle is the Bleed Line to Extent the artwork to this line to ensure there won’t be white edge or related blank area during manufacturing.

What’s the format limit & suggested picture size/resolution?

Currently, our system is supporting RGB color mode, you can upload JPG/PNG/BMP formats pictures. And for better print effect and higher pixel clarity of products, the size 2000 x 2000px with 300dpi is a size suggestion for you, to ensure the best printing effect and pixel clarity, and sure, you can upload pictures smaller than the recommended size, it’s ok, but it may be a blurry and can’t get the best effect. Otherwise, some products need larger pixels, such as tapestry. Meanwhile, when uploaded a picture to our app, you can see the notification of the print effect at the panel.

Why is the Rage-print clothing supports design on the front and back?

For some clothing in the Rage-print AOP clothing series, we set them for clients to use only 1 picture to customize the AOP clothing series, the system will automatically generate the picture in the front and back simultaneously. We’re also updating this product series to allow our clients to design the front and back separately, we will realize it in the following new version.

Why am I seeing a “Low resolution” alert

Your options in this case are:

1, Scale the design down, which will result in improved file resolution.

2, Recreate the design from scratch in better quality.

3, Use a different design.

Shipping & Delivery

I think my order is lost/hasn't been delivered?

Think your order might be lost in transit? Although our couriers quote us 1-2 week delivery, sometimes life happens and they aren’t abel to deliver within this timeframe. When this happens, your tracking number may update to advise a ‘delayed’ delivery date. If your JetPrint still haven’t been delivered within 15 business days. please contact us and we can launch an investigation with the courier.

My order is shown as delivered, but I still don't have it. What should I do?

Before getting in touch with us, please help us out by doing the following: Check your shipping confirmation email for any mistakes in the delivery address. Ask your local post office if they have your package. Stop by your neighbors in case the courier left the package with them.

Pro tip: Package theft is on the rise— If you’re expecting a home delivery and you know you won’t be home to accept it, use an address where you know you’ll be! If the shipping address was correct, and the package wasn’t left at the post office or at your neighbor’s, please get in touch with your order number.

How much will the delivery cost?

In our newly updated print on demand services&platform, we launched new prices system and different shipping rates to individual products, please kindly check the details in the products pages.

How long will it cost to ship to global districts, especially to USA and main European countries?

The average shipping time for Standard Delivery is about 13-18 working days, and 3-7 working days for Express Delivery.

For US districts, our Standard Delivery may cost shorter in 10-15 working days and Express Delivery is only 3-5 working days, even Faster! (depending on the districts).

How to set express as default shipping method?

You can set the express delivery as the default shipping method at:

How long will it take to have my custom orders once processed?

The average production time is 5-7 working days(depending on the quantity of the order products) The average shipping time for Standard Delivery is about 14-20 working days, and 5-9 working days for Express Delivery.


Will my recipient got VAT/Tax charged? / How to avoid being cahrged VAT? / What should I do if got VAT Charged?

Our own & collaborated manufacturers are located in China, all your custom orders will be produced and shipped from China to global districts. About the VAT, usually in order to avoid being charged VAT, we submit lower pricing to customs. Usually it’s not easily get charged, but not 100% guaranteed, For the parcels shipped to EU countries by Express, the possibility of being charged VAT is much higher than other countries, and also imposed by the customs of EU countries, that’s why we usually submit lower prices to customs in order to avoid being charged/reduce VAT.


1. If you / your customers got the invoice paper in the package, please noted that the price on the invoice is the one submitted to customs, NOT the real price of the products.

2. Please DO NOT provide the invoice for local customs with the Base Cost / Retails price.

3. If there’s a tax problem, please contact us first, we’ll help provide the correct invoice for your customers, which will surely help with the tax issues.

Where are the custom parcels shipped from?

Our own&collaborated manufacturers are located in China, all your custom orders will be produced and shipped from China to global districts.

Which countries or districts will still charge the taxes when processing local dispatch?

Based on the records of our orders so far, though we always submit a lower price to customs to avoid taxes & duties, in some European countries/districts like Spain, Brazil and Romania, the local customs/Express agency will still charge additional taxes when dispatching parcel to recipients.

Where could I cheeck the shipping cost/ rates?

We set different shipping rates for different products, please kindly check the detailed product pages.

Where could I cheeck the shipping cost/ rates?

Why the system shows that the address cannot be supported?

Don’t worry.

This might be because you haven’t set the shipping rate at your Shopify backstage, please check your store setting, here’s a guide for you: Shopify Help

You can also add JetPrint to your existing shipping rates setting.

Hope my answer can help you well, if there’s any question or need assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Return & Exchange

How to and How long will I get the refund?

First, we agree to refund ONLY in followed situations:

  1. The product is severely damaged when received or has quality problem within 1 year, you can request for refund or replacement.
  2. The print / engraving is not the same as you / your customers ordered.
  3. Parcels missing during the delivery.

If any of these 3 situations happens, you can contact our Customer Service Support here or by email to [email protected]. We’ll process the refund procedure for you, after our finance department confirms the amount, they’ll transfer the refund to the account which you used to pay for this order in 1-3 working days most.

Note: If the refund doesn’t reach your account over 14 days, you can contact us for a detailed refund code such as stan code.

Where is your returning address?

Returning Address:  20th, Floor, Yongsheng Jinrong Building, Meiling Street, Jinjiang, Fujian, China.

Custom Greeting Card Service

How do you personalize greeting cards?

If you want to personalize the greeting card, please confirm the size and style in advance. If you have finished designing. Please get in touch (Help Center Or Live Chat)
Please see the article Custom Greeting Card Service for more information.

Is it possible to bulk customize greeting cards?

Yes, the MOQ for bulk custom greeting cards is 100 pieces. You have the option of shipping it with the product or separately.

Why can't I personalize greeting cards?

When your product status shows “Fulfilled“, if you want to put a greeting card into your product, we cannot provide this service at this time. Only the greeting cards can be sent to you individually.

How much does a personalized greeting card cost?

At the moment, the minimum order quantity for the custom greeting card service is set, and all costs will be closely related to your quantity and the greeting card’s details.

Will the use of personalized greeting cards result in longer shipping times?

Don’t be concerned that the greeting card will delay the delivery of the original product. Greeting card production is very fast; it will be shorter than the product production cycle.

How do I pay for the greeting card?

When you are certain that your greeting card design is error-free, we will send you an email with a payment link; click the link to pay to complete the transaction.

Settings & Common Solutions

I/my customer paid this order at my store, but it's still at pending status at your site, why?

Okay, that makes sense now. Since you paid this order at your store, it’s like the normal operation of a customer setting an order at your site, the money you paid was transferred to your Shopify account, not ours. Normally, Your orders will be automatically synced to our system, then you need to manually/ automatically pay the base cost & shipping cost for fulfillment.

To manually fulfill the order, you just need to enter the orders page in our app and choose the orders to pay:

And here’s the place to set up the automatic payment for fulfillment:





How do I contact you?

Gone are the days of postage stamps and paper cuts – emailing us is the way to go! Our contact email is [email protected]. This allows us to keep a record of your issue so we can help the best we can.

We answer emails from every corner of the globe, so there may sometimes be a slight delay in response time. We’re a team of humans, so please be patient and we are working as quickly as possible to reply to your emails. We promise we won’t leave you on read!

How to set “Automatically order processing” option?

“Automatically order process” needs you to bind your credit card to our app and select “Automatic purchase” options of your credit card first, and then you have two options:

  1. “Automatically process orders”: You need to set an optional time first. When you receive a new order, it’ll be automatically purchased by your credit card and processed to “Manufacturing” status after the Optional time you set.
  2. “Manually process orders”: The new orders need you to purchase manually, then the order will change to “Manufacturing” status.

Note: You can Modify the address/quantity or Cancel the orders ONLY during the Optional time you set or before manual purchase. When the orders move to “In Production” status, you CANNOT change it anymore.

What should I do after I receive an order which is tagged as "Risky", and choose to continue the process?

Click the “Settings” button at the top of the page.

In the “Automatically process risky orders” option, you can set to “Automatically” or “Manually” process risky orders.

The default method is “Manually process risky orders”, which means these Risky Orders will change to “On Hold” status and won’t be processed automatically, you need to manually set the next process, “Cancel” or “Manufacturing”. If you select the “Automatically process risky orders” option, the Risky Orders will be purchased by your credit cards and processed to “Manufacturing” status automatically.

How to use your service?

1,You just need to register an account at our site:

2,Then you can choose the product template to upload the product for customization:

3,Then you can manually create orders at:, then pay for the fulfillment, and we’ll process the manufacturing and directly ship to your customers.

How do I integrate your app with Shopify/Etsy/WooCommerce?

First way:You must first create a JetPrint account, which is used to manage your products and orders (it does not have to be the same email address as the store’s registered account; these are two separate sections), and then link your store through the JetPrint account.

Second way:If you are a Shopify seller, JetPrint can be found directly in the Shopify app; simply click to install.

Click on the platform that best suits your needs to access the binding interface.




If you want to see the gap between different platforms more intuitively while using our APP, go to the “Integration” interface.

Why my order is tagged as "Risky"?

When the Shopify system flags an order as high risk, it means that one or more key attributes that they looked for didn’t match up, such as the bank/credit card account for your customers. When this happens we typically would suggest that you refund and cancel the order as there is a high risk of the order getting a chargeback.

Or you can continue to process, only after confirming with your clients again.

How to copy my products from this site to my other store? / How to copy products from my general store to my Shopify/WooCommerce store?

The general store is actually an account for clients who haven’t a Shopify account / haven’t connected the Shopify store to our site yet, it’s automatically generated after you register an account in our site. You can add your new store to our site, and duplicate the products from general store to your Shopify store, just as I showed to you before, here’s the place where you can add your Shopify/WooCommerce stores: Click