How much Should I Budget for Custom Button Up Shirts

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While there are numerous factors that influence the price of a custom button up shirt, it is critical to understand how much you should budget for your custom shirts. Surprisingly, there is no universally accepted price point. Instead, prices vary according to the number of buttons included in the design and the material used for construction.

Prices for the most popular custom button up shirts on the market

Etsy Alibaba custom button up shirt price

The average cost of a custom button up shirt ranges between $10 and $45. If you want something more affordable, consider purchasing custom shirts with no minimums from online marketplaces such as Alibaba or AliExpress. They frequently support customization for 50 or 100 pieces; if you only need one, I recommend using a print-on-demand service to customize it. These no-minimum custom button up shirts typically cost between $10 and $20, depending on the material used and whether they are made in China or India.The average price for a custom button up shirt is also between $10 and $20, but there are many different suppliers who make these shirts at various prices, so do some research first.

Alibaba custom button up shirt price

In contrast, a shirt with no buttons

If your shirt has buttons, you should also budget for:

  • Button holes. These are small holes in the fabric that must be cut to allow the button to pass through.
  • Button thread. This is used to sew buttons on and can be expensive if it is a premium brand (which is usually best).
  • Button sewing. When a button is sewn onto a shirt, it will not fall off or become loose over time.

Shirts without buttons, on the other hand, will be cheaper in the same quality case; after all, the production process of shirts with buttons will be more than ordinary shirts.

Cost factors affecting custom button up shirts

Materials: The type of fabric you choose can have a significant impact on the cost of a custom button-down shirt, and while there are numerous materials for custom clothing fabrics, cotton and polyester are the most commonly used to make clothes. Silk and linen are second, but silk and linen are more expensive, whereas cotton and polyester are typically less expensive.

A light blue button up shirt

Design Cost: The price is affected by the complexity of the design as well as the number of customization options you select. If you want a shirt with multiple colors, intricate patterns, or special finishes like embroidery or prints, it will most likely cost more than a simple button up shirt. If you don’t have design skills, you should know that today’s fashion designers are very expensive! Seriously…the designer fee alone can increase the cost of an otherwise affordable order by a factor of a hundred.

Quantity: The more button down shirts you order, the less expensive each shirt becomes. Many custom shirt manufacturers offer bulk order discounts, so if you want to buy a large quantity of shirts, you can negotiate a lower price.

How to reduce the cost of custom button up shirts

A man is stacking gold coins with his hands

Purchase in bulk to receive discounts

  • If you are a brand seller with a large customer base, buying in bulk to get discounts is ideal.
  • If you are an eCommerce seller with a small customer base and low store sales, I highly recommend using a print-on-demand service because it is the least risky option for you.
  • If you are a frequent buyer, please keep the shipping cost in mind. If you order from overseas and pay for shipping with DHL Express or UPS, it may be cheaper to buy two shirts from an online store. Again, compare prices between stores before deciding where to shop!

Select a simpler design

When pricing your custom shirt design project, keep design costs in mind. Designing is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, and you may need to hire a designer to assist you. You can save a lot of money by designing some simple pictures and colors.

Select low-cost materials

Each material has advantages and disadvantages, and no material is ideal. You can customize your button-up shirts with cotton material, which is widely accepted, and customers frequently care about how long they will wear the clothes before they are damaged when they make a purchase.

JetPrint provides custom button up shirt service

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How to create a budget for button up shirts

Compare prices from each vendor

A list of prices offered by suppliers of records

Make a table of suppliers, materials, prices, and quantities so that you can easily calculate ideal costs.

Determine the shirt’s selling price

Determine the cost of your button-down shirts and a reasonable profit margin. Retail products typically make more than 15% profit.

Purchase shirts

After you’ve determined your budget, you can start looking for suppliers to place orders with.

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