Metal Prints vs. Canvas: The Ultimate Comparison Guide for Your Art

by | Sep 2, 2023 | Design Inspiration

When it comes to showcasing your cherished artwork, deciding between metal prints and canvas can pose a significant dilemma. Each medium possesses unique qualities that can profoundly impact the overall beauty and durability of an artwork. Therefore, it holds great importance for artists, photographers, and art enthusiasts to make a choice between them.

Within this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the realm of metal prints versus canvas, thoroughly examining their advantages, disadvantages, and design tips. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of which medium aligns better with your artistic vision and practical requirements.

Metal prints

Metal prints are created by printing an image directly onto a metal surface (typically aluminum) with a specific coating, resulting in brilliant colors, high-definition details, and a distinct metallic sheen. This technique converts photographs into glossy, shiny pieces of art that can bring a modern and industrial vibe to any environment.

Metal prints are typically brushed aluminum prints and white metal prints (white matte prints).

A graceful landscape metal painting


  • Durability

Metal prints boast exceptional durability, resisting fading, moisture, and scratches. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays, as well as spaces with varying humidity levels.

We use high quality aluminum plates and premium inks, thus ensuring the durability of our metal prints.

  • Vibrant Colors

The reflective surface of metallic prints elevates color vibrancy, granting your artwork a captivating luminosity that’s unparalleled with other mediums.

  • Long service life

Metal prints are renowned for their extended lifespan due to specialized treatments applied to the metal surface. These treatments prevent colors from fading over time, contributing to their longevity.

  • Easy Maintenance

In the event of accidental dirt or smudges, cleaning a metal print is a breeze – just wipe it with a damp cloth.


  • Reflective surfaces can cause glare

Despite meticulous treatment, it’s challenging to entirely eliminate the reflective effect inherent to metal prints, especially under direct sunlight.

  • Higher cost compared to canvas prints

Metal prints generally come with a higher price tag than canvas prints of similar dimensions. However, our Metal Tin Signs offer a cost-effective alternative to canvas paintings, complete with cleverly designed fixing holes for easy display.

Design ideas

Metal painting of a sunset

Metal prints work exceptionally well for intricate and detailed artwork, including photographs, digital illustrations, and paintings, as they reproduce fine details and vibrant colors with outstanding clarity and precision.

Moreover, the reflective surface of metal prints can enhance the depth and brightness of metallic elements in your artwork, making them an excellent choice for creating metallic textures and futuristic tech-themed art.

Canvas prints

Canvas painting of a bird animal

Canvas prints stand as the prevailing favorite among art forms. Images are imprinted onto canvas fabric, frequently stretched across wooden frames. Canvas provides a textured façade that imparts a timeless and artistic essence to the prints.

These prints can be found in various dimensions, often tailored to suit your requirements. Simultaneously, it’s common to encounter either a solitary canvas or an arrangement of multiple canvases to compose a complete painting.


  • No glare, suitable for various lighting.

Canvas prints do not produce glare or reflections, making them easier to view from different angles and under various lighting conditions.

  • Classic

Canvas prints represent the most classic form of home art and are suitable for all types of art, including traditional, impressionist, and rustic styles. They can be easily framed in different styles.

  • Textured surface

The canvas texture can impart a sense of softness to artwork, and the canvas material provides a tactile quality that can’t be replicated by smooth metal surfaces.


  • Prone to fading and cracking over time

Canvas, being a textile material, naturally absorbs moisture and becomes susceptible to tearing after drying. Exposure to environments with frequent temperature fluctuations can significantly reduce its lifespan.

  • Limited color accuracy compared to metal

The absorbent nature of canvas can lead to slight variations in color and saturation, which may not perfectly match the original digital image. Additionally, the canvas texture can reduce the level of detail and clarity in a photo.

Design ideas

Due to its textured surface and versatility, canvas prints are perfect for showcasing vintage and rustic patterns, adding a nostalgic touch to antique maps, old photographs, and retro-inspired designs. Abstract art with bold colors and intricate compositions can also thrive on canvas, with the texture adding an extra layer of visual interest.

triptych canvas placed in the bedroom

Interestingly, you have the option to divide your artwork or photo into multiple panels (triptych or diptych) to craft a visually captivating and unique display, a feature that metal prints cannot replicate.

Where can I buy canvas and metal prints?

There are numerous online platforms and art stores where you can discover a wide range of metal and canvas print options. Sites like Shutterfly and Saatchi Art specialize in high-quality prints that meet your specific preferences.

For those seeking customized metal or canvas prints, JetPrint is an excellent option. We provide a variety of metal and canvas prints choices, and if you have specific style preferences, you can get in touch with our customer support team for personalized customization.


The decision between metal prints and canvas prints is influenced by your own preferences as well as the style of artwork you want to display. Metal prints may be the answer if you’re seeking for a modern, colorful, and long-lasting solution for contemporary styles. Canvas prints, on the other hand, may be the ideal alternative if you value timeless elegance, tactile texture, and a traditional aesthetic.Before making your decision, take into account the space where your artwork will be displayed, your current decor, and the overall ambiance you want to create.


Are metal prints more expensive than canvas prints?

Yes, typically, metal prints of the same size tend to be more expensive than canvas prints.

Do canvas prints need to be framed?

Yes, for a traditional and finished look, most canvas prints benefit from being framed.

Can I display metal prints outdoors?

Yes, the durability of metal prints makes them suitable for outdoor display, as they can withstand exposure to the elements.

Which will provide better color accuracy, metal or canvas?

Metal prints are renowned for their exceptional color accuracy and their ability to produce vibrant and vivid prints.

Are metal prints more durable than canvas prints?

Yes, metal prints are highly durable, as they are fade-resistant, scratch-resistant, and moisture-resistant.

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