Christmas Ornaments Balls(4Pcs)



  • Transparent and Sparkling: These Christmas ball ornaments have a clear glaze base and sparkling decorations like glitter, sequins, tinsel, and beads for a stunning sparkle under the lights. They will look great in your home and will be a part of your holiday traditions.
  • Shatterproof: These personalized christmas ball ornaments are made of strong plastic that is more shatter resistant than traditional glass products. Shatterproof jewelry combines the luster and beauty of real glass with the indestructibility of plastic.
  • No Glitter: To prevent glitter from falling off, we have implemented an innovative process in which all decorations will be filled in the transparent ball decoration, the glitter will stick to the inner surface of the ball, so you can easily wipe the decoration, no need to clean in your home sparkling.
  • Removable Metal Top with Ribbon: Each ball has a removable metal top and a string already attached to the bulb for easy hanging. You can also fill the clear ball with your favorite decorations using the removable top.



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