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  • Lightweight and Fun: Men’s and women’s Clog Shoes feature lightweight IconicClog Shoes comfort. Vents, which are custom-designed with trim, increase breathability and help quickly drain moisture and debris.
  • Fit Design: These slip-on Clog shoes are extremely durable and easy to put on and take off. These clog shoes even have swivel heel straps for a better fit.
  • Clog Shoes Women and Men: Not only are the classic Clogs the most comfortable shoes for men and women, but they are also simple to clean with soap and water and dry quickly. buoyant and hydrophilic
  • Clog Shoes for Everyone: The classic clogs come in a variety of colors and styles, making them the coolest summer must-haves for clog shoes men and women alike.
  • Custom Clog Shoes: Each component can be designed to be lightweight, flexible, and comfortable from head to toe.

3 reviews for Custom Clog Shoes

  1. Ossiel Flores

    very very comfortable. got them about 3 months ago and still in very good condition. wore them basically everywhere these past 3 months. slip resistant, I work in a waterpark and I was at this ride and was wearing these wasn’t slippery at all, but when I took them off I slipped and it made me do a split. so I highly recommend them if you’re a teenager and working in a waterpark. and I also get mad compliments on them, usually 2 a day. like “bro I like your clogs” and I’m like “thanks bro”

  2. Nicole

    I couldn’t even find these in JetPrint website in my size and perfect. Not a knock off and just another great pair of clogs!

  3. Kindle

    This is the second pair for my husband. He got the first pair about 2 years ago. They’re so comfortable, he wears them almost every day. He loves that he’s patriotic at the same time. I’m getting these because the first pair doesn’t look so great anymore. He loves them though.

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