Drawstring Polyester Bags



The drawstring bags made of polyester, which is easily washable, recyclable, and long-lasting.

The poly string bag measures approximately 42 cm/16.5 inches in length and 35 cm/13.7 inches in width, making it a standard size that is suitable for most children and adults.

Drawstring Design: 2 straps on each side, can be used as a backpack, drag the string to close the bag, and drawstring design allows you to store things quickly and easily, universal lightweight, reduces your shoulder burden, and you almost can’t feel its weight.

Wide range of applications: can function as a traditional backpack, gym bag, travel cinch bag, as well as bags for school and supermarkets, suitable for home storage, with drawstring, can hold the inside items well.

Waterproof: Protect your belongings in style. Polyester is woven into drawstring bags, providing a protective shield to keep your items dry.


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