15 Things to Sell for Christmas

by | Oct 21, 2023 | Marketing Tips

Ding dong! Can you hear that distant ringtone? People all around the world are immersed in the excitement of Christmas. They’re busy decorating their Christmas trees and living rooms, as well as shopping in supermarkets to select gifts for their loved ones.

Yes, everyone is preparing for Christmas, but as a retailer and business owner, do you know which products you should be selling to quickly turn a profit during this time? Christmas is the best time of the year to offer Christmas-related products, and survey results show that consumers are expected to spend an average of $1,652 on holiday shopping. This represents a 14% increase from last year and surpasses the average spending of $1,496 in 2019.

From classic Christmas cards to unique ceramic ornaments, there’s a variety of holiday treasures available for sale. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at 15 festive must-haves to help you create a delightful and profitable Christmas market.

1. Christmas cards

A lot of Christmas greeting cards

An email or a text message can easily replace a paper Christmas card, but they may not capture the elegance and sophistication that high-quality paper Christmas cards convey. Paper greeting cards can evoke the warmth of the holidays, and you can customize them with your favorite patterns or logos.

2. Christmas wrapping paper

Different styles of Christmas wrapping paper

No Christmas gift is complete without beautiful wrapping paper. Offer your customers a range of colorful and creative options to make their gift truly magical.

A gift wrapped in holiday gift wrapping paper will create more anticipation than one without wrapping paper. There are currently eco-friendly wrapping papers on the market that can be recycled, and these papers are often made from fabric.

3. Ceramic round ornaments

Christmas ceramic round ornaments

Ceramic round ornaments are the most common type of Christmas tree decoration. You can also go a step further by including Christmas decorations, such as everyone’s favorite Grinch. These one-of-a-kind decorations are guaranteed to appeal to individuals who enjoy the eccentric side of Christmas.

4. Ceramic heart ornaments

Christmas ceramic heart ornaments

Ceramic heart ornaments are ideal for expressing love and warmth during the holidays. Offer customizable options for customers who wish to add a personal touch to their Christmas tree decorations. By incorporating photos of you and your family into the ornaments, you can convey the message that happiness will always be a part of the celebration.

5. Ceramic star ornaments

Christmas ceramic star ornaments

Make your customers’ Christmas trees glow with ceramic star ornaments. Many individuals use star ornaments in their Christmas decorations as a symbol of optimism, faith, and the religious significance of the season.

6. Acrylic round ornaments

Christmas acrylic round ornaments

Acrylic decor is a wonderful alternative for a more modern, long-lasting option. Acrylic round ornaments are adaptable and can be used to decorate trees, garlands, and other festive displays, among other things.

7. Christmas hat

Christmas hat

The Christmas hat is not only patented by Santa Claus, but it is also a popular item among people of all ages.

Custom Christmas hats are a popular Christmas accessory that is created and sold during the holiday season. Every home has a Santa Claus impersonator who dresses up as Santa Claus to distribute Christmas gifts to his loved ones.

8. Christmas drawstring bag

A green Christmas drawstring bag

Place your gifts in this bag and estimate how many it can hold. Christmas drawstring bags add a touch of mystery to gift-giving. These bags are not only practical but also a part of the gift itself. They come in various designs and sizes to accommodate a wide range of gifts, and they can be recycled.

9. Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings are essential accessories for the holiday season. They can be hung by the fireplace or on the Christmas tree. You can personalize each family member’s name on the stockings and then fill them with small gifts. When they discover their own stockings, everyone will be filled with joy.

10. Christmas balls

A person is decorating a Christmas tree using Christmas balls

Christmas balls are a staple in Christmas tree decorations. Imagine you and your family decorating the Christmas tree together, and the moment the tree lights up, you’ll feel so warm.

If you want to sell Christmas balls, consider offering ornaments that can be personalized with names or special messages to make them more cherished by your customers.

11. Christmas stuffed animals

A stuffed Christmas elk is placed on the sofa

There’s a little kid in everyone, and offering stuffed animals is a great way to tap into that holiday nostalgia. Placing a stuffed animal on your desk or sofa is a perfect way to add a touch of festive cheer.

12. Christmas tree collar

Different styles of Christmas tree collars

You might find that the base of your Christmas tree doesn’t match your decorations, prompting the need to enhance the tree’s overall appearance. Decorative collars can add character to the base and are essential for creating a chic holiday atmosphere.

Moreover, certain tree collars can provide stability, reducing the chances of your Christmas tree swaying. This is particularly beneficial for households with many young children.

13. Christmas sweater

Two people looking at their Christmas sweaters

Christmas occurs during a period of relatively low temperatures, and demand for Christmas sweaters typically peaks throughout the holiday season.

These sweaters are not just associated with the holiday spirit; they are also considered a fun and whimsical way to celebrate the season. Many people enjoy wearing them to express their enthusiasm for the holidays, which often leads to increased purchases during this time. Christmas sweaters have become a popular gift choice during the holiday season.

14. Christmas stickers

Christmas stickers in different styles

People use Christmas stickers for various purposes, including gift wrapping, card making, and decorations. During the holiday season, many people exchange gifts, and adding Christmas stickers to gifts can enhance their overall presentation.

Christmas stickers often feature festive and holiday-themed designs, such as Santa Claus, reindeer, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. These sticker styles are typically among the best-selling choices.

15. Christmas pajamas

Family wearing Christmas pajamasMany families have a tradition of opening a gift on Christmas Eve, often consisting of a new set of Christmas pajamas. This tradition has gained widespread popularity and generates a specific demand for the product during the Christmas season.Christmas pajamas are frequently purchased for the entire family or as a matching set. These coordinated outfits are used in family photos to foster a sense of togetherness during the holiday season.

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