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by | May 25, 2023 | Product News


In today’s fast-paced e-commerce world, businesses must correctly calculate delivery costs while maintaining pricing flexibility. JetPrint, a prominent provider of printing and fulfillment services, has launched a game-changing technology to address this issue. JetPrint’s novel technology allows retailers to establish shipping prices based on product weight, allowing for more exact costing. Furthermore, it enables seamless price adjustments, causing minimal disturbance to merchants. This blog post will go over the advantages and benefits of JetPrint’s fantastic tools. Simultaneously, we will convey the implications of this shipping charge update to each individual.

New product detail page

New product detail page layout

Accurate shipping calculation

jetprint shipping cost calculation

This time, the shipping cost update is lower than the prior shipment price. This time, the shipping cost calculating method differs from the previous shipping cost calculation approach. This time, the shipping cost calculation method is based on the cooperative carrier’s price and filtered by product weight to select the corresponding goods for everyone. Based on the product weight, select the best carrier.

When you specify the quantity of the goods you want to buy, the shipping costs are computed automatically. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about your products arriving at different times because we will use the same carrier for products from the same address or order.

Pricing flexibility and minimal impact

Another key benefit is the availability of pricing freedom. We are frequently irritated by carriers periodically changing product prices. JetPrint has devised a solution that enables for real-time modifications while reducing the impact of shipping costs on clients. We only need to change based on the carrier’s price, and the merchant will be able to see and update the shipping cost of the online store for the first time.

By delivering accurate shipping cost calculations based on product weight and allowing pricing flexibility, JetPrint enables merchants to streamline operations, increase customer happiness, and adjust to market dynamics. We are committed to reducing the impact on price and to working on improvements in the future.If you have any questions, please contact our customer support. Remember that your input is crucial in influencing the future of JetPrint services. Allow your voice to be heard and contribute to the ongoing development of this great tool.


Will the shipping cost update influence the product price?

The product price and delivery cost are handled independently, and this modification will have no effect on the product price.

Can I select a different shipping carrier?

You cannot select the shipping carrier. We have chosen the best carrier for you based on the type and weight of the merchandise.

What is the maximum shipping weight?

9999kg=9999000g; if the weight of the product you ordered exceeds this weight, contact customer care to have the weight calculated for you.

Will we be alerted if shipping prices change?

No, we will not issue notices unless shipping charges are significantly reduced.

Will this shipping update have an impact on my online store?

It will have no effect on your online store.

Why is a product's shipping cost greater or cheaper than previous goods?

The goal of this update is to inform customers of the most recent shipping costs. We calculate the shipping cost based on the weight range provided by the carrier, and the shipping cost of the product will decrease or increase slightly.. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions about the freight.

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