How Many Etsy Shops Can You Have

by | May 31, 2024 | Ecommerce Tricks

Are you considering running multiple Etsy stores to diversify your products?

Do you have too many products and don’t want your store to feel cluttered, so you’re thinking about starting additional stores?

You might be unsure about the answers to these questions. This guide will explain why you might want to expand, the pros and cons of running multiple stores, and how to manage them effectively.

How many Etsy shops can you have?

Etsy allows you to have multiple shops. However, each shop must meet the following requirements:

  • Create a new email address: Each Etsy shop requires a unique email address.
  • Register your new shop: Complete the standard registration process on Etsy’s website.
  • Be transparent: Update your public profile to disclose that you have multiple shops.

Etsy Public Profile

Why did you create a second Etsy shop?

Wide range of products

You might have T-shirts, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, or mugs. When all your products are listed in one shop, it can make your shop look cluttered and disorganized.

This may not appear professional or memorable to buyers. You might want to create separate shops to sell jewelry or mugs. This will make your shop look more attractive and provide a clearer shopping experience for buyers.

Target different audiences

Most people who buy skirts are women, and people who like apples may not like durian.

The same is true for running a store. While all your customers are buyers, they have different interests, genders, ages, etc.

If you want to expand your product range, opening different stores is the best choice. By customizing your brand and product selection for different customer groups, you can maximize your reach and attract loyal buyers.

Different target markets

The speed of product delivery will impact your sales.

Your studio might sell jewelry in the US, while your store targets both the US and Australia. You may notice that shipping times to the US and Australia vary significantly.

When the target market and supplier are in the same location, products can be delivered to buyers more quickly. Some sellers choose to create separate stores for different markets, even if they can change their shipping profile to ensure delivery to another market.

Different product types

Select the type of product you want to sell

Etsy allows you to sell both physical items and digital files.

While you can choose to sell both types of products in the same store, specializing in either digital files or physical items can increase sales. This is because the audience for digital files will often come to you for other digital files.

There are also differences in how digital files and physical items are delivered.

How to create a second Etsy shop?

  1. Use a completely different browser than the one you used to manage your first store. If you used Chrome to manage your first store, use Safari or Edge this time.

  2. Register for an Etsy account using a new email address (a new email address means an email address that has not been registered with an Etsy account).

  3. Follow the normal process of opening a store—choose a store name, add listings, and set up payment methods. You can use the same credit card to register as a seller or the same bank account.

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  1. Once you have successfully opened the new store, list all the stores you operate in the public profile section of each account.

The pros and cons of having multiple Etsy shops

Wide range of products


Reaching a wider audience: Operating multiple shops allows you to reach different markets and customer segments. This diversification can protect your business from market fluctuations and increase your overall revenue.

Targeted marketing: Multiple shops allow for highly targeted marketing strategies for specific product lines.

Brand differentiation: By separating products into different shops, it can help create and maintain different brands, making it easier for customers to find what they need.

Specialization: Each shop can focus on a specific niche, allowing customers to easily find what they want, resulting in increased sales and repeat business.


Increased workload: Managing multiple shops means more time is needed for maintenance, updating products, and customer service.

Increased costs: Each shop has its own set of basic expenses and marketing costs, such as shop opening fees, product listing fees, labor costs, and paid advertising.

Complex management: Without proper organization and tools, juggling inventory, orders, and promotions across multiple shops can be challenging.

How do you manage multiple Etsy shops?

You may know that there are many third-party paid tools for managing shops, such as Nembol or Vela. While these tools can help you manage your products, they require time to learn and involve extra monthly fees. Therefore, we recommend the following three ways to manage multiple Etsy shops for free:

Use different browsers

To avoid constantly logging in and out, use different browsers to manage your Etsy shops. If you use Chrome for your first shop, use Safari, Edge, or Firefox for your second shop.

Some sellers may use the same browser and log in to one of their shops in incognito mode, but this requires logging in to your Etsy account each time. In incognito mode, your browser won’t save any history.

Use different devices

Managing your shops on different devices is also a good choice. You can use a computer, tablet, and smartphone to manage multiple shops. Log in to different accounts on different devices.

Manage your shop anytime and anywhere on your tablet or phone, whether you are on a busy street or in a quiet winery.

Manage with JetPrint

JetPrint 450+ Product

If you are a print-on-demand seller, JetPrint is your best choice. You can register a JetPrint account and use it to link multiple Etsy shops. We do not limit the number of shops that Etsy sellers can bind.We provide more than 450 beautiful products for you to choose from. Our service is completely free, and you can sync our products to your shop. When your customers place an order in your shop, you only need to make the payment with us, and we handle the rest for you.


Managing multiple Etsy shops can bring significant benefits, including specialization, targeted marketing, and risk diversification. However, it also comes with challenges, such as increased management complexity and higher expenses.

If you’re considering expanding your Etsy business, take the plunge and explore JetPrint. With its wide range of products and the opportunity to experiment, you can minimize costs and grow your brand.


Can I have multiple Etsy shops on one account?

No, each Etsy shop must have a unique email address.

How many Etsy shops can a person legally own?

There is no legal limit to the number of Etsy shops a person can own, as long as each shop complies with Etsy’s policies and guidelines.

Is it worth opening multiple Etsy stores?

If you have multiple Etsy shops to manage different brands or target different audiences, it is worth having multiple Etsy shops.

If you just want to differentiate between complementary products like socks and shoes, you don’t need multiple shops.

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