I’m glad you had a successful Shopify store and are planning to launch your branded business; I’m sure you’ve chosen your niche. I don’t think creating a Shopify store is difficult, so I won’t waste your time.

However, as an emerging seller, you lack a consistent supplier to support the website’s operation. We frequently spend a significant amount of time looking for suppliers, but the prices are much higher than we anticipated. There are two methods for locating suppliers: online and offline:


  1. Friends recommended
  2. Google the company’s contact information and then make a meeting appointment.
  3. Understand your suppliers.


  1. Alibaba.com

2. Platform for demand on print – Printful/Printify/JetPrint

What is Branded Dropshipping?

Branded dropshipping imply that products manufactured by brand manufacturers do not need to be distributed by wholesalers or intermediaries to drive product circulation, and the products are sold directly in stores.

No, what I’m about to introduce is not the same as this one. There does not appear to be a better concept to define it. What I mean is that branded dropshipping is when you want to design your own logo, text, pictures, colors, and other factors on the product, design your own brand products through a third-party direct seller’s website or app, and add your brand name to the A form of dropshipping in the products you want to sell.

In other words, you are a product seller with no consistent supplier. Or your supplier does not offer you custom logo services that can meet your needs. You’ve discovered a service company that can customize products to assist you in conducting product business. All you have to do now is design the product and publish it on your website. The drop ship printing companies handles everything else.

At this point, I believe you understand the concept of “branded dropshipping,” so let’s move on to the next step. What are the benefits of brand dropshipping?

Why build a branded dropshipping business?

Branded dropshipping, in my opinion, combines the best of both branding and dropshipping.

  1. Increase the brand’s influence. You will be proud of yourself when people talk about your website because your product works.
  2. Increase customer repurchase rates, retain customers, and turn them into loyal fans of your store.
  3. Lower your customer acquisition costs. We all know that the cost of advertising is increasing, so proving that when we want to acquire new customers is becoming increasingly expensive. We frequently place advertisements on social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, and others. However, acquiring a new customer costs 3-6 times as much as retaining an existing one.
  4. There is no inventory pressure, and there is no need to be concerned about unsalable products as a result of overstocking. When a customer places an order on your website and notifies the supplier to ship it, your product is shipped, so you don’t have “any product at home.”
  5. Reduced initial investment. No seller, in my opinion, is willing to bear the economic pressure caused by the store’s closure. This problem is perfectly solved by dropshipping brands.
  6. You only need to count the money to give yourself peace of mind. All you have to do is upload your designed products to your website, and the rest will be handled by third-party service providers.

How to choose high-quality suppliers and design brands effectively

  1. We must screen suppliers. Browse the Shopify app search box. We usually select the app with the three keywords Dropshipping ; Print on demand ; POD.
Search through the keyword dropshipping to show the top three results in the shopify app
Search by the keyword print on demand to show the top three results in the shopify app
Search by the keyword pod to show the top three results in the shopify app
We don’t need to worry because Shopify will frequently recommend the most relevant apps for us. Nobody knows Shopify like Shopify.

The following outcomes are possible.

Dropshipping: Syncee/DSM/Dsers

Print on demand: Printful/Printify/ShineOn

Pod: JetPrint/S2BPOD/ink POD

Syncee/DSM/Dsers are not included. Because product customization is not possible, they appear to be in charge of direct sales.

I’ve used Printful, Printify, and JetPrint services. They all share the fact that the clothing category is their primary focus. JetPrint differs from the other two in that it has a shoe category. If you want to design shoes, I believe JetPrint is the best option.

  1. Choose the product category for which you want to make changes. Even if a service provider is of high quality, if they do not have the product you require, this dropship fulfillment company is not of high value to you, and you should choose a on demand service company who does. You can learn about their products on their website, and I’m sure there isn’t a more direct way.
  2. Following the first two steps, you can freely design the product. Choose your product, design it, and publish it on your website.

After that, you can embark on your brand’s journey. I believe your brand will be on more people’s radars in the near future.


Creating a branded dropshipping business with Shopify necessitates meticulous strategy and execution. Entrepreneurs can build profitable internet enterprises that stand out from the crowd. Building a loyal client base and generating sales requires a strong brand image, high-quality products, and great customer service.