Is Print on Demand Profitable in 2024

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In the e-commerce landscape dominated by convenience and personalization, the idea of print-on-demand (POD) has emerged as an appealing and dynamic option for entrepreneurs. This concept seamlessly combines technology, e-commerce, and creative expression into a unified business model. However, as we enter 2024, numerous aspiring entrepreneurs are contemplating the same question: Is print-on-demand profitable? Is print on demand worth it?

Is print on demand profitable in 2024?

Yes, there is still significant potential for print on demand.

  1. Print-on-demand plays a crucial role in the e-commerce industry, which has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Every day, numerous internet users shop online, and the print-on-demand model is renowned for its customization options.

According to a Statista report, global retail e-commerce sales are steadily increasing and are projected to reach $7,391 billion.

In 2022, e-commerce will represent 18.9% of global retail sales, and by 2023, this percentage is expected to increase to 19.5%.

E-Commerce Trends in Recent Years

2. The demand for print-on-demand continues to surge. In 2022, the global on-demand printing market is projected to reach $6.18 billion, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.8% from 2023 to 2030.

Print on demand market analysis

3. With the evolution of the dropshipping model, there is a growing focus on print on demand. According to Google Trends, there has been a notable surge in search interest for the keyword “print on demand.”

Google search trends for the keyword

Is print on demand saturated?

You may have heard that the “print on demand business niche market” is saturated; this may be due to their poor traffic and orders; nevertheless, if you determine that your design and products are distinctive, you won’t have to worry about these issues. While you’re shutting out such noises, you should concentrate on your design.

Numerous merchants are currently enjoying the print-on-demand approach, but there are still numerous prospects for newcomers. I will tell you that not all niches have gotten saturated, such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and mugs, and if you go into these niches where the barrier to entry is lower, you will have a tougher time, because they are simple and easily accepted by the public.

How can you make your print-on-demand business profitable quickly in 2023?

1. In the print-on-demand business, it’s crucial to focus on unique product designs rather than just selling items. If you wonder why some people outsell you in the same shoe category, remember that many print-on-demand entrepreneurs are willing to invest in skilled designers because they understand that combining great design with quality products leads to increased sales.

A person is using a computer to design a picture

If you have a creative flair, you won’t need to worry about order issues. Currently, the most popular designs in the print-on-demand market include anime characters and patterns related to idols.

2. Avoid selling products that face stiff competition. As mentioned earlier, the competition for items like t-shirts, hoodies, and hats can be intense, with numerous merchants vying for customers’ attention.

For instance, if there are 1,000 potential customers, and initially, there were only 500 stores selling t-shirts in a mall, adding more stores selling the same product to reach 1,000 increases customer hesitation and choices. The average number of customers entering each store drops from 2 to 1.

To determine the product’s competitiveness, consider using Google AdWords and keyword analysis tools.

3. Provide excellent customer service to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Research shows that 81% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases after a positive customer service experience. Satisfied customers are also likely to spread the word about your products, recommend your store to others, and leave positive reviews and comments. This positive feedback builds trust and boosts conversion rates in your store.

4. Implement effective marketing strategies to avoid the common pitfall of investing significant time and money into advertising without generating many orders. Here’s what you should do:
a. Decide on your preferred promotion method, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, etc.
b. Continuously test your products, as not all products will garner market demand or deliver tangible benefits.
c. Optimize your creatives and landing pages, as the quality of your ad creatives impacts click-through rates, and the landing page affects conversion rates.
d. Consider increasing your advertising budget when your campaigns meet your expectations to attract more orders.

5. Keep an eye on trending topics and products. On the internet, certain products or trends become highly popular. You can use research tools like Google Trends or TikTok’s search bar to identify what’s currently trending. These trends are often easy to capitalize on, especially in the realm of entertainment, and even momentary enthusiasms can generate substantial income.

What are the popular print-on-demand products?

1. Clothing
2. Mug
3. Tote bag
4. Jewelry
5. Stickers

For the products mentioned above, I wouldn’t recommend entering the clothing, mugs, and stickers market due to the high saturation of sellers in these categories. Most of these sellers have their own equipment and can independently produce these items without relying on a print on demand company. Instead, you might consider focusing on selling tote bags, both in leather and canvas.

Jewelry Products by JetPrint

Many consumers prefer personalized necklaces with their own names over generic greeting cards. Currently, JetPrint is the only print-on-demand company that offers custom greeting cards and jewelry in the market.

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Which print-on-demand companies are worth considering?

  1. JetPrint
    2. Printify
    3. Gelato
    4. Merchize
    5. Printful

These print on demand companies offer an extensive selection of print-on-demand products and excellent service, allowing you to choose the ideal niche product that suits your requirements.


In conclusion, the question “Is print-on-demand profitable or Is print on demand worth it ?” can be unequivocally answered with a “yes.” Rather than dwelling on the negatives, it’s essential to concentrate on your designs. Remember that success in this field hinges not only on the products you provide but also on your capacity to connect with your target audience through your designs. In the realm of print-on-demand, persistence, creativity, and adaptability are your most valuable assets.


What kinds of products can I sell with print on demand?

You can sell a wide range of print-on-demand products. What you choose to sell will depend on your niche and target audience.

Do I need design skills to start a print on demand business?

While having design skills can be helpful, they are not a strict requirement. Many POD platforms offer design templates and services to assist you in creating custom products, even if you don’t have extensive design knowledge.

Can I operate a print-on-demand business while working full-time?

Yes, many entrepreneurs begin a POD business as a side gig while maintaining a full-time job.

What is the typical profit margin for print on demand?

Profit margins in the print-on-demand industry can vary depending on factors like product pricing, marketing strategies, and operational expenses. On average, entrepreneurs can anticipate profit margins ranging from 20% to 45%.

Is the print-on-demand business sustainable in the long term?

Print on demand can be a sustainable long-term venture if you adapt to market trends, continually enhance your products, and provide outstanding customer service.

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