Create Your Own Print on Demand Watches Brands with 0 Costs

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Design Inspiration

What’s the benefit of selling watches?

Special category

Currently, the Print on demand products on the market are mostly clothing and bags, but the watch products have special marketing value. Whether it is a brand business or an Instagram marketing/promotion business, there is a very large demand from retailers, artists, and individual users. The competition is not as intense as it is in the clothing category. Clothing stores can be found almost anywhere, but watch stores are difficult to come by.

Minimize distractions

Simply look at your watch to find out what time it is. When you look at your phone, you will notice that you are checking Facebook, viewing photos, and responding to text messages. This is a time-consuming method of finding out.


Most of us have a cell phone that we can use temporarily. But that requires digging through pockets or rummaging through bags. Furthermore, there are times when looking at your phone is inappropriate, such as during a meeting.

Suitable as a present

Most people appreciate receiving a watch as a gift. With a wide selection of watches for men and women, you’re sure to find something for everyone in your family and friends. If you are having trouble deciding on a watch, you can customize watches by decorating the dial with the recipient’s photo or favorite scenery.

Search trend is stable

Google Trends for the Keyword

Watches are non-seasonal products with relatively stable long-term search volume, which means that watches will not be out of date, reducing the worry that watches will not be sold due to seasons and time.

How to start my own watch brand

Own an online store

Regardless of whether you use Shopify, Woocommerce, Etsy, or Amazon. These e-commerce platforms can all help you with your branded watch straps business. E-commerce platforms, such as Etsy and Amazon, have their own traffic. However, Shopify and Woocommerce have no traffic, which is beneficial to SEO.

Find suppliers of custom watches

Here are two options for you:
1. Find a print on demand service that specializes in custom watches. JetPrint is currently the best service provider for printing watches on demand. JetPrint began with custom watches. Currently, JetPrint successfully integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce and Etsy. At the same time, Printful and Printify are viable options.

2. Select a supplier who accepts dropshipping. These suppliers could be local watchmakers. What you should keep in mind is that when you contact these factories, you should inquire whether they support customized watches and offer dropshipping services.

This article will teach you how to create your own brand.

Why JetPrint can make you a successful print on demand watch business

With 5-year experience in the production of the watch & home decor POD business, JetPrint has updated the best accumulation of technology and production experience for the best print on demand watch, print on demand shoes & home decor products in the markets. Meanwhile, we’re developing new printing and manufacturing processes, strictly guarantee the best quality products, strictest quality inspection to make our products the best and also the fullest category in the market, and help make our clients’ brands super competitive in Print on demand companies.

About Delivery, we have long-term cooperation with branded delivery agencies & special channels, including DHL and EMS, which can quickly produce and deliver the custom parcels to global customers on time. Besides, we also have our own delivery management system, developed by our own IT department and developers team. If there’s a problem with delivery, we will contact our delivery agencies to check and track the latest info in a timely manner.

While JetPrint’s focus has largely been on watches, it’s also expanding its catalog to include other product categories, such as home decor, print on demand shoes, custom gifts. With the own print on demand manufacturer, JetPrint is able to quickly produce tons of print on demand products, guarantee high quality and fast drop shipping to the global print on demand markets!

The best print on demand watches from JetPrint

JetPrint’s six best watches for sale on the print on demand watch business

As always, JetPrint supports 2000+ unit daily production, 3-5 working days fulfillment. For our watches supply chain, we’ve already got years of accumulation of production technology (Progressive Stamping, CNC, Engraving, Polishing, and Grinding, etc) and experience to produce watches of excellent quality. Experienced in the production of bulk watches, and in recent years we’ve been developing the production line of watch POD products, and continue to improve the level and quality of our technology. Also, we’ve been seeking new chances for the marketing/promotion of more Print on demand products. Currently, we already have various watch types for the Print on demand manufacturing/assembly line. Our own print on demand manufacturer already has perfect mold openingassemblyquality inspectionpackaging, and delivery processes. Also, we can quickly develop new watch products that meet market & customers’ needs and can even develop customer-specific POD watch styles according to customers’ requests.

  1. Duntic

    I am interested in print on demand watch-wear. Currently our website has been reengineered.

  2. Mike

    Hello – I have been looking at my options for startingy own custom watch business. I am no business man or have the qualifications for this area. As I am on a tight budget I am considering print in demand technology.

    How does this work. Can I implement my own designs? What are the initial costs?

    • Wave

      Hi there,

      Thank you for your interest in JetPrint!

      You can find detailed information on how JetPrint works by visiting our page: With JetPrint, you have the freedom to add any design to the watch face.

      The initial cost is minimal, as you only need to pay us when your store generates orders. The fee includes the product price along with the shipping fee.

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